a journey begin with love

Good morning folks.

it's my very first day on dear diary. i am going to pen down my everyday life event. i will be true to my diary starting from my thought,crush,live event,like and everything that encounter me on daily basis.


35. 30/12 Happy Birth Day

Good morning folks


30/12/2015 my birth day. When I was infant it was epic, as the year passes it was boring seems like no special why GOD has created the day. During the two year college life it was marvellous. Lots of friends were there to wish you, fighting travelling feels like someone special. I am someone in the crowded world. After college again it was same. Today again adrenaline pumped. I went to a place where I planned to visit 3 years ago. An adventure I supposed to take one day. Like I told it was a surprise. It starts in the morning. I was playing guitar in my verandah all of a sudden my cell phone rings. It’s none other than W who called me to wish. He demanded party. I told him where he wanted to take. He told some where in distance. This is the point when the adventure to Badrama wild life sanctuary born. We moved to Badrama wild life sanctuary. A place which I visited in my childhood. Since then it fascinated me. It’s dense forest and mystical stories of tigers and local folks make her more adorable. We decided to drive till the watch tower. I have 3 cigarette and a match box  in my pocket to refresh me. At the very beginning we saw some houses and forest offices.  vast open lands cultivated and wood logs were fired on the roads to keep elephants away from their corps. Elephant dung evidence the presence of elephant last night. It was horrible and no body wants to encounter an angry male elephant as it’s a matting season.


The large tree evidence the dense forest. As we entered the forest we started feeling the loneness. It’s quite and calm. We halted their and I ignite a cigarette. I went through my GPS navigation to make sure we were in right direction. We kept driving and we fell the loneliness. The face of the forest changes. She became now more dense and beautiful and frightening. No sign of human being. We startled by 100s of monkeys jumping roaring. You can hear each and every noise loud and clear. Even one can hear the jerking sound of shock up very clearly. Big gossamers traps were made by spiders which I haven’t seen in my entire life. Road ends. GPS stopped navigation. No sign of road. We arranged somehow to move further kilometres with the pebble roads (no roads). We leave our bike to move further. We were frightened terribly.  The wooden watch tower could visible from a distance. It feels like you are standing nowhere in the middle of the dense forest. Her thick and long trees, her dry leafs and loneliness manifests the glorious history of the sanctuary. Our hearts started pounding like a drum when we saw the banners of  RED army or in our country language MAUBADI. They are like a bit of terrorist.  We knew that if they caught us no one going to find us. I can feel the warmth in the gusbombing cold. When I moved my eye from the tower I saw dense hill a pond near to the tower and those MAUBADI posters with date mention in them. I was scolding myself. Why I came here. I was regretting. Somehow I managed my tears to come upon. The only thing came in to my mind was how could I ran from here and touch the national highway. I left the place as soon as possible. An inevitable fear made us more serious and made the journey pathetic. It was feeling like returning from a dead end. The dense forest, the monkeys, angry male elephants and other wild animal didn’t scare us. What scared us more are sadly human beings. The so called MAUBADI (red army).


This is all I just couldn't express more….

Good night friends….

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