a journey begin with love

Good morning folks.

it's my very first day on dear diary. i am going to pen down my everyday life event. i will be true to my diary starting from my thought,crush,live event,like and everything that encounter me on daily basis.


59. 27/05/2016

Good morning folks.


Thanks to GOD. I don’t know who is GOD? Where can I find them? Is GOD available in temples in the form of stone sculptures? Maybe or may not be. What is the definition of GOD? GOD is one who created the universe and us. Is this the reason we fear to GOD. We never feared to our parents who bring us into the beautiful world. Then why should we fear to GOD? Do we use GOD for our benefit or when we don’t have any answer to some questions we overcome it with the name of GOD? Our religion gurus may know GOD better than us so they presented GOD very cleverly in front of us. They use GOD as a double edge sword. Our mythology says GOD seats inside every human being as we are sons of GOD. So serving humanity is a true service to GOD. I believe in that.


Further GOD has many types. As we Indians we have a variety of GODS. I mean starting from morning to evening we have different GOD and GODDESSES to worship. I mean many cases all the mythology things are scientifically true and it’s proven. Like we HINDU worship cow as mother and she has alone carried 33 corer god and goddess with her. Yes, it’s true and it has some logic and reasons itself to prove. Starting from her urine to dunk everything uses for medication. I am not against god and saying that there is no existence of the god or against any particular religion. I am not against worship also. If I don’t know about god than also I can’t question about its existence. I don’t know about Einstien’s formula that doesn’t indicate that his findings are wrong or it has no existence.


The problem is the way we see god and the path we follow to find god. GOD is everywhere in every particle of the universe. I mean you can say the supernatural power that governs the law of the universe. We try to find him in temples, masjid, churches, then how can we find him. We had been confining our vision only up to religion places from the ancient time. I may be wrong because I am too small and with a very little understanding of reality and god am making some perception. In the latter stage of my life, my view may be changed.


What is the religion then? Religion is some sort of rules established to run our life smoothly. Religion is some sort of scientific truth made by our ancestors. Then how our ancestors made a certain rule and on which basis they made it. Good question. Our ancestors engaged in a different form of works. Like carpentry, agriculture, business, cobbler, architecture etc. During that period the population density was low and people don’t come with many choices with them except to adopt their parental work. Throughout the evolution process, our ancestors came to know about certain new things by try and error method or by their experiences. Through there they made certain rules for their clan to follow, which is obviously good for them. As our ancestors engaged with the different form of works so their rule for their clan also differs. So we have different religions I mean sub-religion which changes according to our cast and sub-castes. As the evolution process start clans go through different periods and different emperor hence their rule also changes and modified. It doesn’t indicate that all the rules made for us are good.


Obviously, most of the rules are good for us but not the all. During this process, we also modify some rules according to our ease and comfort, after all, rules are made to lead our life smoothly and in a disciplined way. All these things act as an invisible string which ties us to the ground and controls our move. We are like a kite that is tied to a string. As long as we tied we fly high and remain stable and balanced during ups and downs. As the string breaks like the kite we fall on the ground. Whatever it may be I believe in it. Hope one day I will able to know about it.


Good night folks…..


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