a journey begin with love

Good morning folks.

it's my very first day on dear diary. i am going to pen down my everyday life event. i will be true to my diary starting from my thought,crush,live event,like and everything that encounter me on daily basis.


63. 21/08/2016 sunday

Good morning friends


Sex and love are these two phenomenon always seen as loathing in the society. We fail to understand these two words completely. The universal message of brotherhood based on love. As an infant, we taught to love all. The problem appears when we grow and start expressing it and then we enclose our feelings against an intangible and invisible moral of society. We encounter this problem more frequently in our daily life.

Love has many folds. We can categorise it as parental love, patriotic love of nation, brother-sister love, materialistic love, adult love (love between male and female). What plays a vital role and in common in all types of love is emotion. If we exclude emotion from this than we can broadly categories is of two types. On the one hand stays adult love and on the other side stays all the love.

When we love our mother a sense of nurturing triggered in our mind but when we love our life partners/ girl friends/wife a sense of sex automatically triggered. This is the thing which differentiates adult love from all the other type of love. We shouldn’t ignore the fact that sex is the pillar stone of love (adult love). in love there must be sex, if there is no sex then there should not be real love, it may be companionship, friendship or something else but not love. our ancestors know it better than us. they gave Kamasutra to the world, a gift to perform sex with more fulfilment and richness. We can find the evidence depicted on the wall of our temples. One can easily find out in the temple of Konarka, Khajuraho, Hawa mahal and much more.

Than what is sex? Technically the enter of tab A into tab B is known as sex. But it has a lot more than this. Our ancestors know it better than us. They used to see sex as a religion. The amazing fact which most of us encountered frequently and should convince with me is that emotion has nothing to do with it. It’s a state of tranquillity. You cannot perform the ritual of sex when you are stressed. As I said sex is a religion you need to follow some rituals before giving the altar.

In sex, the girl offers herself like a “bhoga lagna” an offering to god. Like one offer blossom in the feet of God. it’s a state where two body tries to unite with each other. They try to feel more of both. States where no sense of worry of the worldly affair and other issues and of course who else want to waste his time thinking all this. A state of no past and future where energy connects them with the eternity. The State of Samadhi laid by Sambhoga. Here I like the concept of Acharya Rajneesh. You can read his writing sambhog se Samadhi k aur.

We can’t avoid the fact that we are more sexual and less social animals. Even from the very first day we came to earth to till date we die sex plays a crucial role. A Greek psychologist Freud advocates that sexual instinct (sources of a variety of stress) plays a major role in the development of personality. These stages are Oral stage (0 to 18 months), Anal stage (18 months to 3 years), Phallic stage (3 to 7 years), Latency stage (7 to 12 years), Genital stage (12 to 20 years). Many OB psychologists agree on it.


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