a journey begin with love

Good morning folks.

it's my very first day on dear diary. i am going to pen down my everyday life event. i will be true to my diary starting from my thought,crush,live event,like and everything that encounter me on daily basis.


52. 18/03/2016

Good morning folks.


It has been 4 days taking spoken English class of my neighbour. She makes blunder. Both husband and wife are learning it. Hope she will able to speak soon. Life moves on. Today one of my friends gets divorce from her wife. Both are happy now. My friend pays a settlement amount of rupees 4 K for the same. I got a new hope. I promised to do the extra effort for the same.


During these days I have gone through a huge urge for sex. Its ohk that men are three time hornier than women. Aren't the women feel the same urge for sex like men? Why we feel the uncontrollable urge for sex? Is it because that we have to move our gene forward. Is it the only reason? I don’t know the reason.


The only thing I knew is that during sex we concentrate more. I mean the mind and body became one.  Both want to perform the same ritual. It’s a powerful experience. One just can’t hold its libido. I mean it’s a natural process. It starts during pubescent. Had you remembered the first encounter with sexual desire? The first experience when you masturbate.  It feels like you just gone through the heavenly pleasure. At the time of acting sex your mind became blind. It stops working. Your eyes can’t see anything expect admiring the beauty of your partner. Your ears fill with the moaning of your loved ones. Hands remain busy arousing and squeezing the big bosoms. Blah blah blah.


The whole world concentrates within the two people. They perform the ritual like the hardcore devote. The girl offer herself to her male counterpart like she is offering her in front of GOD. Like the bhoga lagna. The two bodies became one soul. The stages of getting moksha. It creates an atmosphere of most peace and tranquillity of mind. Some of the great personalities pen downed in their life journal that they encountered with sex till the last stage of their life. Men only get rid of libido when he dies.


Good night folks.

See u tomorrow.

Have a great day.



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