a journey begin with love

Good morning folks.

it's my very first day on dear diary. i am going to pen down my everyday life event. i will be true to my diary starting from my thought,crush,live event,like and everything that encounter me on daily basis.


46. 17/02/16


Good morning folks


The most vital and amazing fact about life is it changes. Without it we may have been living the same life again and again. It’s good. Sometimes it moves so dramatically that it puts us nowhere in the middle of the crowd. As a child we perceived to become someone and it fades away in adolescence. We started judging by people who really don’t know who they are? We all are salves of the time. It makes us and destroys too. Situation a circumstances which shape us, actually we act and react in accordance.


The day before yesterday my girl friend’s grandmother (maternal actually) talked to me. Her intention became loud and clear the way she was approaching. She needed a promise from me to marry her granddaughter (means my girl friend). Without any hesitation and without any second thought I said yes. After the conversation I felt like that my world suddenly changes. My head was spinning heavily. I was in mall at that time and it was too crowded. All of a sudden it feels like that somebody press the mute key. I didn’t know what to do. This reality I may have faced one day.


First time in my life I realize that if you won’t have any job you won’t have any values. Whatever you are doing is wrong no matter how good you are at this work. Before this I have given net exam and hope to crack it. Now when I cracked it again question arises what next. We live in fear. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of being hated, fear to dare, fear of unknown, fear to be different and unique in the crowd and stand alone leading the crowd. Every second of our life we die with the fear. We don’t want to come from our shell and pick a look.


My girl friend too warned me. I know she is right in her perspective. I love her and I will marry her. It’s up to you how you perceive. Fight or flight. It’s a time when pressures from your girlfriend or partner really make you something. I promise you my dear wife (apera) I will make it and marry you. One day (which is coming very soon) when you will be with me sitting in the terrace in a stray silvery night of summer I will show you this. You are so special to me. You make me responsible. I started feeling you more and more. I can feel you like a shadow. You will be with me all the time. I love you.


Thank you for keeping trust and hope at me.



Yours Duggu


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