a journey begin with love

Good morning folks.

it's my very first day on dear diary. i am going to pen down my everyday life event. i will be true to my diary starting from my thought,crush,live event,like and everything that encounter me on daily basis.


19. 14/12 inspiring Monday

Good morning folks


It’s Monday. Life moves on as usual like any other day. I woke up in the morning follow my daily routine. Nothing new. I tried to change my life. I used to wake up while alarm rang but now days I slept so closely that even sound of alarm ignored. GOD knows what happens to me or it will be simply lake of self-consciousness. I was reading a book from the author robin Sharma. Every time I read it I supposed to follow it but failure to do so. Why? Don’t know. May be fear to change. We lived in our comfort zone. It’s difficult to adapt to a new habitat.


Adaptability is the key for to survival of any species. If u fails to do so u will extinct. Today I decided and embrace the change.


I prepared my chart or to do list. Promised to follow it daily.


hope for the best and lead a meaning full life.


That’s all guys.


See you tomorrow.

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