a journey begin with love

Good morning folks.

it's my very first day on dear diary. i am going to pen down my everyday life event. i will be true to my diary starting from my thought,crush,live event,like and everything that encounter me on daily basis.


16. 11/12 alcoholic friday

good morning folks

today weather was pleasant. cool breeze was blowing. i was on the road riding a bike travelling 120 km to reach my destination. i was going to Bhusan power and steel pvt. Ltd. it was almost 3 pm by my work done. i moved with some of my friends to a near by bar. we drank and had our lunch. after such a long period of time i drank. i returned to home by 8 pm. 

after all it was a pretty good day. in the night i was reading a book i am narrating it.


four college graduates get placed and started working as a head of some companies outside India. four were busy in  their daily life. one day they were returning to India. the four were fortunately meet in the airport and started gossiping about their life.  they decided to meet their professor. he was such a novel man.

all of the four moved to meet the professor. professor was so glad to see them. professor invite them to the house. all the four was having conversation and suddenly the conversation moved to complaining about their life, the pressure they are going through, the increased stress level etc..

after hearing all this from the fellow student professor went to kitchen room and after some minute he returned with a kettle and a variety of cup in the try. starting from china clay cup, fancy glass cup,some cheap cups are there. when professor offered the cup each of them chosen the classic looking china clay cup. after four of them taking some sip from the cup the professor asked does the taste of the tea changes according the cup you have choosen. does china clay cup enhance the taste of the tea or the taste of tea decreases when it serve with the cheap quality cup.


you all are acting like this. you are becoming materialistic. you find your happiness or say you compare your happiness with the gadgets or material you have. you have i phone 6 s you are happy. when you wear shoes you see if it is from puma, Reebok, Addidas or supra written on it or not. it is the dynamics of your stress in life.

a shoes only purpose is to wear only and to protect your bare foot.a phone main function is communication.

like wise the  cup does not enhance the taste or quality of the tea your materialistic product does not enhance the quality of our life.

i am not against the product or brands. one most use these products they gives comfort but don't measure your life and happiness with this product. don't change from outside grow from inside. it will give innumerable amount of pleasure and bring happiness in your life.


life is like a candle illuminate it before it melt.

good night guys.....

see u tomorrow

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