a journey begin with love

Good morning folks.

it's my very first day on dear diary. i am going to pen down my everyday life event. i will be true to my diary starting from my thought,crush,live event,like and everything that encounter me on daily basis.


57. 07/may/2016

Good morning folks


India is a diversified nation. Where many religions live together as one family? A string of humanity and patriotism bind us.  We have many religions, sub religions, casts, sub casts and many languages. We have some crore GOD and GODDES to pray. Our food, apparel also changes with the change of region. Even if the crops we harvest also differ with states. In a single state we speak in many local languages, after all we Indians bring language in to the world. Sanskrit is the oldest language in the universe. Many holly books had written in Sanskrit. Sanskrit was known as the language of GOD. One thing which is common among Indians is our national language Hindi but our official language is English.


Britishers ruled us for century. They bring English with them. Britishers not only ruled us but also taught us many a things. When they left India they took fortune with them but what they left is English. If we look in to this matter for a while we will feel that Hindi fails to connect Indians. Region like north India and South India   they barely communicate with Hindi but English fills the gap here. Go anywhere within India if you know English you can manage to communicate.


If you travel across India you come to know the reality. Here at a point of time what connects we Indians is tea and weed. In our desi language it called chillum. It bridges the gap between two unknown people. It offers as bhoga in front of Lord Shiva, the BholeBaba. It’s in our culture. In India now it’s illegal but from rickshaw puller to white collar officer ever body smokes with ease. On the eve of Hanuman jayanti and Shivratri everybody puff it publically. When Britishers unable to control it they come with an innovative idea of levy tax on it. At that time hemp act published, a 3000 page report about hemp. Alcohol makes people excited while hemp makes them tranquil. No or rare report has been registered of committing rape or any other violence after puffing chillum. One gets it easily everywhere from betel shop to dhaba to star hotels.


The second thing which binds us irrespective of any cast, creed or religion is tea. We can have tea with any one without any thought of religion or that individual with whom we are sipping tea. Tea was invented in china and latter it spreads to Japan by a monk and from there it travels the world. Britishers bring tea to India and started producing it. They made a rule that everybody bound to produce tea in a proportion of their land. India became the largest producer of tea in the world keeping behind China, the inventor of tea. India witnessed a glorify history of tea as a chaiwala became the prime minister of India. You can find a tea stall in every corner, chowk and gali and even on the highest cliff of mountain and often on the way of world’s most deadly and cruelest road. When we meet some stranger inherently we offer tea to gossip and to make friendship.


Good night guyz

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