a journey begin with love

Good morning folks.

it's my very first day on dear diary. i am going to pen down my everyday life event. i will be true to my diary starting from my thought,crush,live event,like and everything that encounter me on daily basis.


45. 05/02/2016 Friday

Good morning folks


It’s Friday. Swaicha an organization run by some young Indians who believes in a better society where education and health become ease. I am also an active member of swaicha. Every Sunday after coming from guitar class I rush to swaicha where food has prepared. We makes the food package or you can say mid day meal. We believe that everybody in the society has a right to access the basic needs of life like food, cloth and education. We load the food on an auto rickshaw and moves to serve the poor. Throughout our journey we face many people many comments and stumble upon many obstacles and find a way to overcome it.


 I am narrating an incident which forces me to think upon it. As usual we are serving at khetrajpur railway station. It’s a main junction of samablpur city. Renovation’s at its peak. Train tracks are starching and platforms are extended. Trains are blaring at a distance. A line of gypsy caravans moves along the line with loads of luggage. Commuters are waiting in the station for their train to come. Group of young girls are gossiping with their friends. Newly married couple is busy in exploring each other ignoring everybody. Sometimes they act like they are sitting in their bed room and no one is there to disturb them. It only happens in India where newly married couples hardly get any private space for them. We are moving along the line for poor. When you do a thing for quite a long time you are pretty good at it. Beggars recognize us from a distance. They smile by looking us. We remember many of the regular faces. They come to us for taking the foods.


There is an old lady probably at her late 60s. However she managed to cover her bare body. The stroke of age clearly marks from her face. She has another female partner too. On that day we found them together. They were sitting on a cemented pillar bench. Their luggages were kept opposite side of the pillar. We great them and place the package together. I shocked by the sudden reaction from the old lady. Give me a new food packed and put it there. I belong to Brahmin family how can I accept food touched by a lower cast and through a smile at us. I remain silent and do what she instructs. On that day I came to know that beggar have caste too. There is an old lady who begs to live, from where she comes to know about cast, creed and race. I was thinking that at least people having below poverty line have no caste no creed no religion. The only religion that ties them is they are human and they all are poor. They all are connected through a single string where basic human needs like food, shelter, cloth, education are dream. That incident shaken me from the core of my heart and it scattered it. It only happens in India.


Good night friends

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