a journey begin with love

Good morning folks.

it's my very first day on dear diary. i am going to pen down my everyday life event. i will be true to my diary starting from my thought,crush,live event,like and everything that encounter me on daily basis.


44. 04/02/2016 Thursday

Good morning folks


It’s Thursday. I woke up in the morning at 7.30 am. I brushed my teeth and prepared for classes. i love morning classes because somehow I managed to get in time and my friend never  got a valid reason to blame my punctuality. It’s quite tricky. Economics is one of my favorite subjects as the class. In the middle of the class I found that faculty was not able to reach the students. I argued with him and tried to prove him wrong. A girl from my batch joined me. The faculty became silent for the entire class and didn't gossip much.


After the class I felt that how it feels when some of your students tried to prove you wrong. The faculty found him in predicament. We can’t disregard the fact that if a faculty is not able to give proper examples and creating confusion it’s better to replace.


If I see from the faculty perspective first of all he is a human being. He came to this profession to earn. Only he knows how he reached here? Get a job is not a mug of tea. He may try to improve his quality of education. Can you imagine you woke up in the morning with a spark and planned to give your best and what you found in the class a poor number of students? I just can’t express how it feels. With that few students one is trying to prove you wrong with a loud voice. Nothing worse can be happen for that day.


It depends upon you how you take it. You may see at an opportunity to develop yourself or simply worst day.

Today I searched the answer for my December 2015 December management exam. Guess what? I came with flying colors. Yeppppiiieee… I told it to my girlfriend and I never seen her happy before.


Good night

Sweet dreams

See you tomorrow

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