All of space and time

This is the story of how I met the doctor


6. traveling

the doctor's pov


i started up the tardis and thought of ways to maybe just maybe to get Amy and Rory back and then she said " can we go some where awesome " and i replied " we are always going some where awesome " and the tardis flew away and we landed in satthen a planet from the future an we stepped out and i saw Skyler smile with amazment and she laughed 


Skyler's pov


we landed and i smiled then laughed and i said " how do you do this "  and he relied " i always do this ,like i make bow ties cool "  and we walked to see the sights and then he wispered " don't blink at all hey are back and are ready "  and we ran an ran i looked back and blinked and they grabbed my hand an i cut off the weeping angels stone hand he then freed my arm and we ran on and on till we finally got to the tardis and saw a woman standing there and she said " hello sweetie "


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