All of space and time

This is the story of how I met the doctor


2. Don't blink

 Skylars pov.                                             The doctor said " don't blink " and ran to the constall and it started shaking the angel fell out and cracked we landed when I stepped out we were in space     I screamed I almost fell out he said " this is the tardis. And you are?" I replied " my name is skylar greenwood " he started pushing buttons and said" that was a weeping angel if you ever see one don't blink I am taking u home " I replied " I've heard of them " he said " u have where and when?" I replied " in New York my mom died when one sent her back in time I moved here hoping to never see one again I see them in my nightmares " he asked " what if your farther " I said " he is up in space looking for a way to live on Mars but he died on the way there. Don't take me home not with the neighbors pushing me to move away" and he walked to me and said " GET OUT!!!!!!"


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