All of space and time

This is the story of how I met the doctor


1. The weeping angels

Skylars pov.                                             I was walking around Los Angeles and saw a house a very old house and saw a blue box  and thought we don't have these. Here and walked to it and curious as I was I knocked ducked to the next side and saw a man in a bow tie and ran around he was walking around and I slipped inside I started walking to what looked like a  constall and someone said" don't touch that" and I turned around and saw the bow tie man i replied " what is this its smaller on the outside " and  he muttered " that's new "and started looking around he said" get out " then I looked at him and screamed because there was a staue of a angel was behind him he turned around and said " I am the Doctor now don't blink at all

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