its never enough

Thea and Christian are like opposites. they say opposite attracts each others. maybe that was what they needed the difference.


1. nightmare

When did i become a person like i was now. it was Friday morning and i was walking to school. tears were streaming down my cheeks and i kept whipping them to palm of my hand. as i my house was far enough i took a cigarette from my pocket and lighted it was cold and normally i would have felt like freezing but i had other things to worry about as freezing. as sad as it sounds the fact that i was freezing didn't bother me that much compared to the way i was feeling.i wasn't always like this though. "Thea!" Rose my best friend called as i was inside the school. she hugged me and pulled away quickly. "oh Thea why do you do this to your self." she said. "i know its stupid its a bad habit."i told her. my friends didn't smoke. i saw Daniel walk in and some girl who's name i didn't know run to him and i watched them kiss. Daniels eyes met mine and they showed no emotion. Rose was biting her teeth and so was Amber,Luke and Rico too as they watched Daniel walk with the girl who was clearly his girlfriend. "i am sorry." Rose said as Daniel had passed us, normally he would have stayed and spend time with us since we were his best friends but i guess that had changed. well i was never his friend ever since i met him we were more, but it clearly wasn't true after all. "how long?" i asked. they all looked so awkward and like they were feeling bad for me. "two weeks." Amber finally said. "how cute." i said sarcastically and they just nod feeling my sarcasm. but showing to them that it was bothering me? nah. i was best at hiding my feelings from others. as i walked home smoking i though what the hell i even said to Daniel "she seems like nice person. congrats." with sweet tone no hint of sarcasm in it and everyone bought it. his new's girlfriends name was Cassidy and yes she was nice and of course pretty.  i walked into my room and lied down to my bed and closed my eyes as i listened hollywood undead. as i felt hunger take my body i paused the music and as my room was silent i heard voices from downstairs. not just any voices. yelling and fighting. i am tired. i walked downstairs and looked sadly as my parents yelled to each others. where were the twins?oh they don't live here anymore... i have older sister and brother Emily and Anthony they are three years older than me. i stood there ten minutes watching them and they didn't even notice me. i felt the hunger go away.  i left the house it was dark and cold and again i had other things to worry about. i sat on the bench inside park near my home. i saw a man, young man walking. he was walking closer he was wearing fancy looking clothes i mean he had very good taste in clothes. i bet his gay. as he came closer he kinda looked familiar. "little Thea Mcwillis?!" he said as he stopped in front of me. "CHRIS?" i said standing up. Chris was my brothers best friend when they were like ten but he moved when he was twelve. "long time no see." he said opening his arms and pulling me to an hug. he was so warm. "oh gosh you feel a bit cold." he said as we pulled away. "mm yeah." i said. "come on lets have a coffee and catch from the old times." he said and like i had other things to do i followed him to local coffee shop and he being gentleman he brought me hot chocolate since i didn't like coffee. "so how long has it been?" he said staring at me curiously. "i was seven or something when you moved." i said. "oh thats right. because i was twelve. i feel so old. its been ages ten years!" he said. "yeah." i said. Chris wasn't changed. he was still the same funny positive and smiley guy what he was when he was child. but yeah puberty had hit him hard and changed small baby faced blonde  boy into tall muscular man with perfect jawlines and piercing blue eyes. "hows things? your mother still bakes as much as she did when ever i was over." He said as we exited the coffee shop after we had chatted a bit. flash back from the moment when i was small and mum loved to cook because dad loved her cookies and Emily,Anthony and me also liked them and when we used to all sit in same room and talk about our day and christmas and every happy moment what had suddenly vanished and made my sister and brother to move as fast away from home when they had the change, and i was left alone to face my fighting parents  and listen them throw their insults to me,it hit my head like rock. i don't know what it was but heavy tears started to stream down my cheeks. Chris's smiling face dropped as he noticed me  crying. "oh god what it is Theadora?" he said."please don't call me that." i said as he hold me by my arms and tried to push him away. "you liked that nickname." he said. "whats the matter tell me." he said. "you." i sobbed. "what ? i don't get it." he said looking at me strangely. "of course you don't. here you are talking about the times when we were small. guess what times had changed my mum doesn't bake anymore she hasn't baked for ages. i bet we don't even have a plates so we could eat as she uses them all to throw dad with it!" i yelled. Chris pulled me into hug. "i am sorry i didn't know." he said.

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