Blood in roses

Mostly dead people and stuff


1. Chapter 1

The knocking sound echoes through the room. The person doing this must have a short temper.


As I haven't answered, the knocking sound gets raged and its pitch gets shorter and shorter.


(I only have a bad feeling about this.)


I look for Spade to get some advice but he is curling up on the bed.


Emily: "...I'll open the door now."


??? (Alfred): "You're late! Don't make me wait."


His voice scolds me before I even open the door completely.


Emily: "Alfred..."


He has no intention of hiding his irritation as he glares at me.


Alfred: "What do you think about me? Say it."


Emily: "Huh...?"


Alfred: "All it takes is saying that you love me. Do it now."


Emily: "...Why?"


His overbearing attitude is starting to make me really mad.


Emily: "Why on earth do I have to say that to you?!"


His eyes fly open in surprise as I retort and glare at him.


Alfred: "What is going on...?"


I'm the one who want to ask him the same question, but I stay silent and keep glaring at Alfred.


Alfred: "Look at my eyes."


His hands starch out towards me and grab my chin to fix my face firmly in place.


Emily: "What are you--"


He forces me to look at his eyes.


(His eyes...)


Alfred's eyes are gradually turning into blood-stain red.


These crimson eyes are familiar to me.


When Rupert sucked my blood, he had the same crimson eyes.


(No...not again...)


Thinking that Alfred would suck my blood again, I stand ready, but what Alfred does is repeat the same phrase.


Alfred: "Say that you love me."

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