Sea Scape

My name is Emma I live in Hawaii, on the island of O'ahu. This summer I was to spend with my uncle on the North side of the island. Everyone has a summer romance story, and this is mine.

*AN: I'm not use to writing about a place I only visited so I apologize to anyone that knows more about O'ahu than I do.

"In every girl's life; there's a boy she'll never forget and a summer where it all began."


1. Chapter 1

I looked out the window and saw a wave crash into the side of a rocky shore. "Dad, how much longer?" I asked, bored as hell as I was I couldn't help but try and make conversation with the one person in the car with me. "Don't distract me, Emma!" I glanced back out the car window and watched as trees and greenery passed by. "Thirty minutes." I heard him mutter.

The ride was silent as we went through a tunnel. I pulled out my phone and began texting. The clicking was soft but it made the silence of the ride, bearable. Another look outside made me just want to sleep. I reached into my bag and pulled out my headphones. I slid a bud into each ear and turned my Ipod on.

I bolted out of the car as soon as we stopped at uncle Simon's house. I grabbed my bag and dashed into the house. I ran into the house and to the guest room that would serve as my living quarters for the rest of summer break. I walked back out, in no real hurry and watched from the glass door. My uncle and father were talking for a bit before they did a manly hug.

I stood nearby silently watching. Dad waved at me and I went over to hug him good bye. Dad pulled out of the drive in that old beat up car and drove back down the highway. I stared after him and sighed. "Hey, Em. Don't worry about it, you're dad is still struggling." uncle said putting his arm over my shoulders. "Thanks uncle Simon, It's fine. I can go swimming everyday here." I said halfheartedly.

I walked into the backyard, it was over grown with bushes and other plants. There was the Pukanawila bush I planted when I was younger, the vibrant purple now had a mix of red and orange blossoms. I walked past the bush, carefully making my way around into another person's yard and then into the trees where I made my way to the ocean beyond.

I emerged from the trees and felt a small breeze whip through my hair and into the trees behind me. Truely beautiful. I thought before I tore off my clothes to reveal my two piece underneath. Leaving my clothes in the sand and dashing in past the sandy shore, to  vanishing under the blue-green.

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