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1. YOU

I saw you today
it wasn't like before
because before is long over
and before can't come back
We are in the present now
and in the present where we live
That is where we pretend
That 'us'  
Never even existed.

And it's not that I hate you  
Or that you hate me
We're both just disappointed
Cause we have turned into everything
we said we'd never be
I don't have an answer
I just wish it would stop
But somewhere in this madness
I'm in love with my sadness

And then it turns 5:31 in the morning                                                                    
The clock keeps on
And I'm just here waiting
I'm just here crying
My eyelids keeps getting heavier
And you keep hurting me
But the worst part is  
You don't even know that you do.

Six months ago you were just another face
And now you're the only face
I'd be able to find in a crowded
People joke about us
About the safety you're making me
But it's easy to joke about scars
If you've never been cut
Because no matter how much it hurts
Loving you hurts more than knives.

So my sweet angel in disguise
I finally surrender to say goodbye
When it all becomes too crowded
And we can no more pretend
Let me one last time taste your lips
Allow me to feel your kiss
Tonight I sharpened it twice
but my hope is for you to save me
So I might not wish to die


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