The Crooked Tree

When 13 year old April moves into a house in the woods with her dad, she discovers love and a crooked tree. She doesn't know that hidden in the tree is a demon waiting for it's next victim. Will she survive and live on with her love or die while trying to defeat the demon.


2. The House

I stared up in amazement. The house was so big. My dad opened the front door and walked into the large entry hall.I followed in amusement.

"you like it?" he asked. I nodded. He smiled and hugged me.

"How did you get this house? Better question, Where's my room?" I asked. He laughed.

"Follow me." he said I nodded and followed him into the living room and up a grand staircase. Then down a long hall to the room at the very end. I opened the door and stood in amazement. A king sized bed with light green sheets,pillows, and bedspread. A walk in closet with built in shoe rack. Then two grand doors leading to a large balcony. I sighed and hugged my dad.

"Thank you so much!" I smiled. He hugged me and laughed.

"Think this is great? Wait til I give you this." he smiled handing me a remote. I pressed a big blue button. I heard something open from behind me. I turned around to see my own private TV room. I pressed the small blue button and saw a secret door open leading to a game room. When I say game room, I mean like games you'd see at Incredible Pizza. Then I pressed the big green button. I turned around to see an indoor swimming pool with a hot tub. I gasped and ran over to the pool. This wasn't a dream. I finally pressed the small green button and found my own bathroom. It was massive.

"Thank you thank you THANK YOU!" I yelled dancing around the room. My dad smiled and laughed.

"Well, I'll let you settle in and have some you time." he smiled as he left my room. I set my stuff down on a light green couch and then went to explore. I walked down the long hall and stopped before I went down. Then I heard a door open from behind me.

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