The Crooked Tree

When 13 year old April moves into a house in the woods with her dad, she discovers love and a crooked tree. She doesn't know that hidden in the tree is a demon waiting for it's next victim. Will she survive and live on with her love or die while trying to defeat the demon.


3. My Siblings?

I turned around to see my older brothers and sisters. I ran to them and hugged them.

"Bout time you came." my oldest brother, Max, teased.

"I thought you'd never come." My second oldest brother, Justin, laughed.

"I've missed my little April Flower!" My older sister, Veronica, hugged me.

"April! April! I missed you April!" My little sister, Kelly smiled.

"April? You didn't forget about us!" My little brother, Thomas crossed his arms.

"April! I wuv you April!" My littlest sister, Renee (Ren-A) giggled. Putting my siblings in oldest to youngest would be, Max 16, Veronica 15, Justin 14, Thomas 10, Kelly 6, and Renee 1.

"I've missed you guys so much!" I cried. Then another door opened. A man and a boy walked out.

"Hey Mike and Mr.Tilly." Veronica waved. I looked at them confused.

"Mr.Tilly was a homeless man with a 7 year old son. Dad felt bad and offered them to live here with us. Mr.Tilly was grateful for dad. His son Mike is kinda in love with K-E-L-L-Y." Max informed me.

"Hi Mike! Meet me in my TV room in 10 minutes!" Kelly called to Mike. Mike nodded and smiled. I laughed at their puppy love.

"Well, I'm going to explore." I told them walking down the stairs. They nodded and Kelly ran down the hall to what I think is her room.

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