Voice in my Dreams

"I will save her even if I die trying!"


11. The Prince shall fall but the Princess will rise

"Katio!!! Mika!!! Len!!!" I called out worried that I was all alone. A little while later Katio came back over to my room and walked to my bed. "You called my Princess?" I nodded happy to see that he was looking a lot better. "Was that really my brother back their?" I bit my lip as I waited for him to respond to my question. "Yes, my Princess that was your brother...." I smiled happily, "Can I go see him please Katio?!!!" He sighed and let me go. Taking my hand in his together we walked over to the room where Len rested in bed. When we walked into the room I burst into tears. I couldn't stand to see all the pain he was in. On the other hand I was crying happy tears because I was just so happy that he was okay!!! "Len?" I asked slowly to make sure it was him. He opened his eyes and looked over at me with a smile on his face now.

"Rin...I'm so happy your okay." He gave me a weak smile. "Len...I'm so sorry....so very sorry.." Len shock his head and took my hand in his. Just from feeling how cold his hand was I could tell that he was dying. I dropped my head down crying my eyes out. I couldn't believe that I finally got my brother back and now I was going to lose him all over again. He took his cold shaky hand and lifted my head up so that our eyes meat. He put his hand to my face making me shiver a bit and wiped away my tears. "Wipe your tears Princess and smile..." He said to me coughing up blood and smiling at me any way. I wiped my face and tried to force a smile on my face. He looked over at my hand and then looked down. "Can I hold your hand Rin...?" He asked me looking down at his. I smiled and laughed a bit taking his hand in mine.

He smiled at first but soon he frowned. "What's wrong Len?" I asked holding back my tears. He looked back up at me. "I can't feel your warm hands any more...I guess this means I'm dying..." He gave me a sad smile. I got scared and mad and started to scream. "No!!! Your not going to die Len!!! Your going to be just fine!!! I know you will!!!" I was crying even harder now as I tried to hide the tears so my baby brother wouldn't see me. I looked down now not knowing what to say or do. "If only I had know you where the Prince my brother...." He cut me off. "Your the Queen of the county and I'm your servant of yours. Were a pair of royal twins doomed by our destiny. Let hell's fire consume me if that's what must be done. I would gladly pay the price so that you may shine my star. When the bells ring the Queen stands to weep. She is...." Right before he could finish the song that I had always loved his eyes shut and he stopped breathing. I knew that he had passed on. So with teary eyes I finished the song for him. "She is wishing that someday they'll meat again."

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