Voice in my Dreams

"I will save her even if I die trying!"


2. Knight or Prince

I went back to my work place ounce my tears finally stopped. "So Len what did she want from you?" I sighed. "Just got pushed up to another rank." Both of the other maids looked at me. "What rank?!" They asked excitement showing in their eyes. I looked down at the dishes acting like I didn't care. "I'm just a knight." The whole room went silent. "That's amazing Len." I stayed quite and kept cleaning hoping they wouldn't see the pain in my eyes. Yet of course Katio saw right through my lies. Katio came over to me and pulled me to the said. "Len what's wrong your not as excited as I thought you would be." I sighed and clenched my fists. "Who am I Katio?" I asked him as the tears came back. Katio looked confused. "What do you mean who are you Len?

"I mean am I knight or a Prince? I mean my mother is the Queen and my father before he passed was the King and my sister is the Princess." Katio looked down nodding. "Well your still a prince in our eyes Len and she is just your step mother." "Yes she is my step mother but still my own sister doesn't know that I'm the lost prince. She thinks of only as some servant!" I was so upset now but Katio just pulled me int a tight hug. "Hey Len look at me." He lifted my head so that my eyes meat his. "She will remember you Len! I know she will remember you, Just giver her some time." i nodded wiping my face now. "Thanks Katio. I need you." He smiled at me. "I will be here as long as you need me Len. I will be here even when you don't want me around because that's what friends do."

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