Voice in my Dreams

"I will save her even if I die trying!"


6. Fight to remeber

It felt like we had been traveling for months. "Looks like we got company guys." I said pulling my sword out. Mika a my  Katio smiled when they saw the army moving towards us. Luka was leading the army Katio and Mika attacked with me not far behind. Toward the middle of the fight my key started to glow. "What the heck...." After awhile the key stopped glowing and I could hear a faint voice singing a song that I knew from my child hood. "Rin!" I called out knowing that it had to be her because she would sing that song all the time. For what ever reason this gave me a drive to kill all the men faster. It was just another way that I could see my sister again and soon. The battle ended fast and I ran ahead feeling a rush of energy and excitement. "Len where are you going?!" Mika called out to me with a stern tone. "What about the plain!!!" I ignored her and kept running. "Who care about the dumb plain it wouldn't work any way!!! I need to save my sister and now!" I shouted back and ran off over the edge of the hill.

As I ran off I could see out of the corner of my eye that Mika looked confused. I waited a bit as a smile slowly crept across my face because the Queen was dead so I no longer had to keep this secret! I could be free and I could be me!!! Soon her face turned to a shocked expression. She turned to Katio and started to talk to him but I was to far off to hear what they said.

"Wait Len's sister is the princess!!! So then he's the lost prince which means he never died and the Queen lied to us all these years!!!" I was beyond mad now and Katio seemed to do was nodded and smile at me every now and then. "She only lied to protect her son. It just a sham that in order to protect Len she had to keep his identity a secret form his own sister Rin. This whole time though she never gave up hope that some where out their was brother was alive and that he was trying to find a way home to her. She never gave up hope no matter what her mother told her." Katio laughed a bit to him self. "Now come one let's catch up with Len I'll fill you in with the details later okay." I nodded and we ran up and soon caught up with Len. As we got closer I could hear Len whisper to him self. "I promise Rin I will find you no matter what! Even if I die trying."

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