Voice in my Dreams

"I will save her even if I die trying!"


9. Don't give up

Then just when I was sure that I was done for I heard her song start again. I had this weird feeling that I had to get back up and fight again so I did using the last of my strength. I got up off the ground and griped my sword tighter in my hand. "I will kill you!!!" I screamed out as I ran up to the Queen and stabbed her. My sword plunged into her skin and she screamed out in pain and I just laughed at her. "I can make the pain all go away if you tell me we where she is!!!" She stayed silent and glared at me as she coughed up blood. I smiled and pushed the sword in farther in to her. "She's under ground with a snow monster....you better hurry hero or she may not make it out alive." The Queen smiled and then she died in my arms. I saw the crazed look leave her eyes and a smile was on her face. "May you rest at peace now Miku..." I said as I lied her down and closed her eyes.

I got up and started to run towards the place where the key led me. It started to glow more the closer I got to the door. Ounce I reached the door it stopped glowing and fell back down on my chest. I opened the door up and took a deep shaky breath. "I'm coming for you Rin." I stepped inside and saw her laying on the floor barley breathing. First I have to take care of this snow monster. I ran up to it as it swiped his claw and scratched my chest badly.  I coughed up blood but was glad that Rin didn't see me.

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