Voice in my Dreams

"I will save her even if I die trying!"


12. Death

We all gathered around the coffin in silence as they lowered it into the ground. At that moment I could feel Len wrap his arms around me like the day he saved me. He whispered in my ear. "In our next life if we ever meat agian. Let us play together ounce more....and well be the best of friends...." I reached out to the figure as it faded off with the wind. I cried a bit and clenched my heart knowing that he would always be with me. After the funeral I was led back home where I took my place on the throne and looked over at the seat next to mine that was empty and bare. I pictured Len and his smiling face siting next to me.

*3 years later*

I gave up the throne and the kingdom fell. I was now living in a peaceful village now. I was walking around the village buying food when I saw a boy. The boy looked like an angel that had fallen and was lost. "Len...?" I whispered softly to my self. I could feel my tears fall down my face. He turned to look at me and smiled. "Shhhhhhh." He said to me with a wink before disappearing off into the crowd.

To be continued.....

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