Voice in my Dreams

"I will save her even if I die trying!"


8. Battle to the death

We ran through the snow even though it was hard. We where faced ounce again with more solders but this time we saw the Queen. I grinned my teeth as hatred filled up inside of me. She was the reason my sister was in this mess and my mom and dad where both dead. I was going to make her pay!!! "Go get the Queen we got the solders." I nodded and ran up to her. "Where's the Princess!!!" I damned as we clashed swords. She let out a razor sharp laugh and our eyes meet. I soon resized who she was, it was the peasant girl with green hair from the village. "Miku...." I said softly and she looked at me. "Help me..." She whimpered and slashed her sword at me again. "I take it your her knight in shinning armor hear to save her?" She laughed again.

Suddenly her eyes went wide. "Wait your the Prince!!! Oh this is just great!!! Now I get to kill all of you and rule this kingdom at last!!!" I kept a straight face and lunged my sword at her. She saw my move right away and blocked it striking me in the arm. I was caught off guard and she had an advantage. I was going to die and I knew it but I had to keep fighting for my sister. I just had to save her no matter what. She swung her sword again knocking me down. I looked back at my friends to see they where hurt to but still breathing. Suddenly I felt my body hit the cold icy ground and the snow wrapped me up as if it was a blanket. I closed my eyes getting ready to die as I bleed out badly. "I'm so sorry Rin....Guys....I let you all down....I'm not a hero....I'm just a servant boy..." The song faded away as the darkness took me in. Then at the moment I could feet someone wrap their arms around me. "Don't give up yet Len...Your almost their....you can still save your sister...I'm so proud of you my young Prince....I love you." I could hear mom whisper in my ear as she hugged me tight and then I was alone again.

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