Voice in my Dreams

"I will save her even if I die trying!"



"Len!" one of the other knights yelled out to me. "Yeah I see them!" I shouted back getting into a fighting position. "Len! Wait Len!" I looked out of the corner of my eyes. "Princess! Go back inside it's not safe!" Ounce again my heart tightened. "I want to give you this!" She ran up to me out of breath with a key. "This was my younger brother...he was supposed to be the prince before he diapered. I kept it hoping one day he would come back. Please take it and if you see him when your fighting....tell him I said to come home...." Their where tears in my eyes again.

"I'm right here Rin! Why cant you see that...." I thought to my self. "I will be sure to let him know Rin." She gave me a weird look. "What did you call me?" she asked me confused. "I called your princess and you need to head inside where it's safe." She nodded and a guard led her inside. As soon as she was inside safe we attacked The battle was heated up and before we knew it was over. We lost the battle, the Queen(mother) was dead and the Princess (my sister) was kidnapped.


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