Voice in my Dreams

"I will save her even if I die trying!"


10. Angle's Weep

The fire that drove me to sing started to fade. I laid down as I heard a name and fighting. This voice was a very soft and warm voice. It sounded like an Angel was crying. "Rin!!!" The angel called out to me. I opened my eyes that felt so heavy and just wanted to sleep I smiled when I saw my brother standing in front of me with a sad smile on his face. He had wings on his back and cloths where all white. "Rin!!!" The angel called out to me. I wanted to talk to him to know that he was real but I found that my mouth couldn't form any words. I reached out my hand to the angel who took it his in a heart beat. I looked up into his big blue eyes and saw that he was crying. "I'm so sorry Rin...I failed you..." He said just barley above a whisper.

I clenched on to his hand and felt that his hand had lost all it's warmth that I remembered. It was now ice cold and dead. The boy angel took me and wrapped me in a hug warming up my body as he cried on my shoulder. I could see now that he was covered in blood!!!! He wasn't an angel it was my brother and he was hurt badly. I tried to say his name again but no words would come out again. So we just sat their in each others arms waiting for the end to come. I watched the door that he came in through and saw Katio and Mika walk through. I smiled more as they both ran over to me and hugged me. "Thank goodness you two are okay!!!" They both yelled through tears and hugged us both. Then after that me and the boy that had gone missing for so long blacked out and when I woke up I was back at the castle in bed resting but Len was no longer by my side.

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