Voice in my Dreams

"I will save her even if I die trying!"


1. Princess

"Len you have been requested by the Queen and Princess." I looked up from the dishes I was cleaning. "Um, yes your majesty." I put the dishes down and followed the royal knight out. "Don't fret servant for you are not at balm." My body relaxed a bit. "Right this way." She opened the door and I walked in alone as the doors closed behind me. "Len my son please step forward," I took another step as mother asked. "Do you know why  you where called here?"I looked into her cold eyes. "No my queen I do not." She frowned a bit and the look of longing entered her eyes. Soon it was replaced with the same cold star.

"You have been ranked knight now. Protect the kingdom and your sister with you life." I bowed my head as my dear older sister came out to take her place next to mother. "Thank you my queen." I said not showing the pain in my eyes. "You may leave," I nodded and turned to leave. "Len!!" my sister called out as I walked to the door. Hearing her voice tugged at my heart a bit. I walked out of the room and turned to look her in the eyes as the doors closed. I smiled and she disappeared. Ounce the door was closed I couldn't hold back my tears much longer so I just cried and cried. Cried over the lose of my sister. No she wasn't dead. She was alive and the princess but sadly she only knows my name for she  no longer knows who I really am.

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