A princess and a vampire hunter

Hello, I'm Princess Lupita, I'm actually going to tell you about my love and I, how it all began. There might be a secret about my lover's identity.


1. My intro.

Hello I'm Princess Lupita,  I'm the daughter of King Louis, the king of the vampires. I'm only 16 yrs-old, my mother died while giving birth to me, it's just me, my brother, and father. My brother is kind of a jerk towards me but when it comes down to girls, he's sweet with me in front of them. Today, my father wanted to see us in his study, when I was looking for Jake, I found him but he was with another girl, I chose to keep calm, when I walked towards them, Jake said "Lupita, this is Rose," I looked at her and said "Brother, father wants us in his studies, now." When my brother gave her a kiss on the hand and cheek, we left, I was walking so fast that he couldn't catch up until the doorbell rang, we stopped, it was our Aunt Karma, when she was running us towards the door of my father's study, she went into the guest room, when my father heard me knocking, he said "Come in," i went in and shut the door in my brother's face, then Jake said "You little," he choked on his words when father walked in front of us, I asked "Father, why's Aunt Karma here?" He looked at me then he walked towards his desk and answered "Your Aunt Karma has come to visit us and she brought someone with her," Jake and I were shocked until I heard a young man but I just ignored it, when Jake asked "Who's the guest, she brought with her?" Then father answered "I don't know but I believe it's a surprise," we all went to guest room, to welcome our aunt and guest of honor, when Aunt Karma saw my long purple hair blown by the wind, I said "Hello Aunt Karma, it's been a long time," I hugged her, then she answered "Hello my dear, Jake, and brother." My father answered her quickly "Hello, excuse me," he left, I started to get uncomfortable, so I said "Please excuse me, Aunt Karma," I left upstairs to my room, father wanted to stay away from his own sister, since she complains about everything, brother went to see who was sending the mysterious baskets to him and father, I was looking for my present but somehow it disappeared. After dinner, Jake and I were excused, Jake grabbed something off the table, it was a knife but when Jake went into the hallway, I said "Don't even think about killing me, Jake," he answered "I need to look in your room," I was getting irritated then I asked "Why is that?" He answered "Because I believe you're getting stalked as well as dad and I," I chuckled and said "Nope, good night," when I enter in my room, I felt like someone was in here with me until my cat Chester jumped out of his bed. When I was getting ready for bed, I heard the closet door opening, when I was about to scream, a man jumped out and stabbed me, when father smelled blood and heard  thud in my room, when Jake and father rushed in my room, they saw a hunter and I, bleeding on the bed. Father was angry until the stranger said "She'll belong to the Hunter Association but she belongs to me!!" Father was about to kill him until we both vanished in thin air, father send all of the guards to find us but we were never found except the guards had found my ring and a strand of my hair attached to it, when they gave it to father, he was furious, then he went into his studies. Jake was worry, so he snicked out of the mansion and went to find me. 

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