He's Him

"I-I think I like Luke..."

"OMG! You have to tell him!!"


"Why not?"

"W-Well, because.....he's him a-and I'm me."


3. 2.

A/n: Hey guys thanks for 236 reads! That's pretty friggin awesome for the first chapter🤓😄I'm hoping you guys like this especially since I'm winging it. So advice would be helpful and tell me what you think in the comment section! Alright, NOW ON FOURTH WITH THE STORY!!!!


Steph's POV

As I was walking out my front door, I heard someone calling my name.

"Hey Steph!" 

I looked over and saw one of my best friends, Luke.

"Hey dork!" I called back and smiled

Luke and I have been best friends since we were little. He moved in next door one day and my mum told me to go say hi since there were no other kids my age on the street. So I went to say hi and ended up staying over there for hours just talking to him about our favorite songs and foods and stuff like that.

By now we were walking side by side.

"What did I ever do to you to deserve that nickname?" 

"Ohhhh trust me, you did everything to deserve that nickname."

"I hate you."

" You love me."

Then we just playfully glared at each other for ten seconds and ended up laughing, really, REALLY loud! We got stares from everybody on the street, but we didn't care. After we got done laughing our asses off, we justtalked about random stuff. Stuff like how high we could jump or how long we could hold our breath, stuff like that. After about like ten minutes we were at school. Then we saw the rest of our friends hanging out by the fountain. 

"Hey guys!" Luke and I said in unison. Then we did our staring thing and ended up laughing again while our friends looked at us like we were totally insane.

"You don't get it." Luke said while laughing.

"We've been doing this all morning." I said after we got done laughing.

"Right, now that that weirdness is done," Calum said," I'm having a party tonight since my parents are gone for two weeks on a business trip. And all of you are coming since you don't really have a choice in this." He said.

"Cool." We all said in unison except Calum. Then we broke out laughing again.

"Ok, we really have to stop doing that." Rachel said.

"Agreed." Ashton said.

Just then the bell rang and we all had to sprint to our classrooms, saying our goodbyes on the way. Rachel, Luke, and I all had first period together, when Michael, Calum, Ashton, Sofie and Sarah had their first period together. Just before the late bell rang, we three stepped into the classroom. The teacher wasn't there yet, thankfully. As we stood there by the door gasping for air, because we just sprinted across the whole school,everyone just stared at us with the 'what the hell?' face. Then a minute later we sat down right before the teacher came in. Then he started his boring lecture about Shakespeare. Yay. God help me.

      *skip to lunch because the rest is boring*

When the lunch bell rang, I got the hell out of social studies. That place is just so boring. I went to go meet my friends outside underneath the big willow tree. But when I got there only Michael was there.

" Hey Steph." Michael said. He sounded like he had something on his mind.

"Hey Mikey. What's wrong?" I asked him. We've been best friends since year 7 and if he was sad,confused,nervous, angry you name it, he would tell me.

"I'm just really nervous...."

There it is.

"About what?" I asked sitting down next to him.

"Alright, so you know how I like Rachel?"

"Yeah...." He's liked her since they first met.

"So I was gonna ask her to be my date to Calum's party tonight but I'm just so nervous. Like what if I mess up on asking her? What if she-"

I cut him off." Mikey just be yourself and ask her. Here she comes now." I told him.

He looked over and when he saw her his eyes went wide.

"Hey guys! What's up?" She said.

I looked at Mikey and he was still staring so I nudged him.

" O-oh," He stuttered," Hey Rachel! Umm, can I talk to you privately?" He asked.

"Sure!" She said back

'Well she sounds happy' I thought to myself.

After they left, my group of friends came over. I saw someone with them I didn't recognize, but I immediately figured out who it was. It was Alexa, the bitchiest person on Earth (sorry if your names Alexa😣). She was also my personal bully, but no one really knew that. And I noticed she was holding hands with someone. She was holding hands with.... oh God no. This can't happen.

Oh my, is it, can it be???? A CLIFFHANGER!?!? I'm afraid so, but it's very nice of you to meet one of my friends, Cliffhanger!🤗 Who do you think Alexa was holding hands with?? And how did it go with Mikey and Rachel???? 🤔That will be answered in the next chapter😏









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