You Left Me to Burn


4. Loss and Gain part two

Eva's POV

After my boyfriend, Chris, and I finished our song we sat back down at our table. He had finally agreed to sing at all. A while back we moved to London for a change of scenery.

I heard someone singing karaoke. I would recognize that voice and accent anywhere. The song finished and we heard someone walk up to the table. I thought it was the waitress until she talked. "So how do y'all like karaoke?" With that sickening southern drawl.

Chris' POV

Country accent. In London. This can only mean one thing.

"Get the hell away from us, freak. We don't want you here." Eva said with a sneer. The response she got was, "Well too bad you don't tell me what to do, when to do it, and where to do it. Also, weren't you supposed to be my friend? Oh wait, that die a long time ago didn't it?" "Why aren't you back at home, Savahnah? Run out of people to torture and kill? Or are you on the run?" "First, where the hell did you hear that I love, or even remotely like, to torture and/or kill people? Also, what the fuck is Ehrle doing here?" That made me look up.

"My name is Christopher. You know that. To answer your question, I'm here with my girlfriend. Her name is Eva Zaruba, you seem to know her." She just glared at me. I had completely forgot how beautiful she was, especially in that green flannel shirt and cut off jeans.

Realizing that I was staring, I quickly went back to my game. She sat down next to me and took my phone. "Hey!" She just kept fiddling with it. After a minute or two she gave it back. "There. I quintupled your high score and made the game easier for you by changing the programming unique to this device. Simple." Me and Eva just stared at her in awe.



"Shit," I frowned. "What's up?" Chris asked. God, he is so laid back. He also hasn't seen what you have seen. "Oh nothing, I just got a text saying I can't go home for some odd reason." "You could stay with us tonight. I'm sure Eva wouldn't mind if it was just one night. She left a few minutes ago. Come on." With that he grabbed my wrist and dragged me out of the door.

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