You Left Me to Burn


1. Friends

                             "You expect us to believe in witches?"  My best friend, Saphire, questioned, laughing. "If that's true, and they do exist, then I'm the gate to Heaven!" Exclaimed my other friend, Emerald, also laughing.

"Hey, what's so funny?" It was my neighbor, I'll explain more about him in a minute. "Do mermaids exist?" Emerald could hardly talk she was laughing so hard. I shot her a burning look. If looks could kill she would already be six feet under.

"No, but sadly there has been another goddamned vampire attack," he stated the last part more towards me. He knew that I knew something, but he didn't know what I knew. And he hated not knowing.



Sorry for the short chapter. I only had a limited amount of time to write this. They will eventually get longer.

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