"Marriage...I'm being forced to marry?"

"Not forced just arranged."



3. Two


Harry throw the punch at the guy in front of him knocking him down to the mat of the boxing rink. Cheers echoed in his ears sweat dropped down his face, his heart thumping in his chest. Harry felt the pain and loved it seeing people wince in pain but wanted to win...but he wanted to win he didn't revive pain unless he lost. Blood drizzled down the side of his face, blood from the body built guy coded his knuckles as he sent another punch as the guy starts to stand up knocking him back down as he crawled around trying to regain strength, "1..2..3..4..5" the announcer voices bolted out as Harry smirked bouncing on his toes as he watched the guy struggled to get up,"6..7..8..9..10!" The announcer shouted as the guy crawled to the plastic white seat and sitting on it leaning his head back.

Harry's smirk grew and sat down in the other corner on the plastic white chair. He hissed out in pain as the liquid substance touched where his cut was, his trainer unraveling the tape and undoing the leather black boxing gloves. One of the girls patted down the sweat that drizzled down his face.

"Harry! Harry!" The male voice yelled at the over powering boy walking down the hallway his duffel bag by his side as he turned his body to look at the small man, "Yes?" His deep raspy voice bellowed out ,"Someone is here to see you..about a marriage." He spoke out, Harry closed his eyes his grip tighten around the black strap of the duffel bag, "fuck." Harry growled out his brown boots smacked against the ground as he made his way towards the room. Harry opened the brown wooden door and looked at the small petite girl sitting on the blue cushioned sofa fiddling with her fingers her stare ok her shoes.


An I will not be updating in awhile do to school so I will try and get as much chapters as I can.


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