"Marriage...I'm being forced to marry?"

"Not forced just arranged."



5. Three



I sat on the uncomfortable blue cushion couch, I tapped my feet against the scratched up floor. My head hung low looking at my old dirty shoes, I heard the door open and boots pat against the ground, a clear of the throat broke the silence.

I looked up at the man in front of me he was tall and lean, his biceps poked out from through his shirt as he adjusted his bag on his shoulder, his hair was put up in an attemptable bun (but it suit his features). His face was rounded but beautifully carved out. His cheeks bones were high and hollowed out enough to have a small shadow, his cheeks were tinted a light shade of pale pink, his top lip was thin but heart shaped as his bottom lip was plump, his eyes were gorgeous a dark green mixed with spectacles of brown. Although his face was beaten, his knuckles bruised with cuts, I decided to sit up a little straighter.

I watched him sit on the padded cushion near me he linked his fingers together and sat back, "I'm Harry." The man said in a deep raspy voice laced with an accent. I nodded my head and locked eyes with him "Evergreen" I said smiling tucking a loose piece of my died blonde hair.

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