"Marriage...I'm being forced to marry?"

"Not forced just arranged."



2. one


"Everest darling come sit down." Her step-mother said to the girl who was pulling out books from the white shelf, she turned around seeing that her step-mother was directing her perfectly manicured nails towards the white leather of the lazy boy sofa that laid on top of the polished mahogany floors. She sat down and looked at the women "Yes mother?" She asked looking down. Everest was never fond of calling her step-mother...mother, she thought it wasn't right after all it was her dads fourth wife, "Everest me and your father have spoken.." She said pausing a little, she knew what was going to happen talk about marriage and relationship status but that was not what she wanted " What about mother." She said biting her lip and looking at the women in front of her noticing that she was looking for something in the room to keep her eyes on, " Your father and I decided to let you get married in so to ten months." Her step-mother said, Everest closed her eyes and let out a deep breath she didn't know she was holding " I know mother I'm still looking." She gritted through her teeth and opened her green eyes " Well honey I know... But we found someone and they agreed to marry." Her step-mother said while placing her hand on her knee, Everest never felt more sick in her life " Your forcing me to marry?"


An I've just been reading and watching a bunch of movies that have been giving me so much inspiration so I'm mashing it up and putting it in a book hope you enjoy.


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