A Random Rap Battle with Krissie D Swag

My best friend Kristopher randomly texted me one day and it turned into a full on rap battle between us. It makes no sense what-so-ever but I guess that's kind of the point.
**WARNING** Mild swearing


1. The Rap Battle

(His spelling isn't the best when he texts but he really does try! He just has an old phone.)


Krissie D Swag- ....whatever you were starting couldn't have possable been as important as my sick beat.

Me- Okay Kristopher

Krissie D Swag- Do i sence dissapointment in your tone?  

Me- No

Krissie D Swag- You sure? Or self imposed stress.....

Me- I'm sure

Krissie D Swag- Ok girl, i'll accept it, just right before i test it, gotta make sure i blessed it.
I don't know if you can hear my rap, it ain't a no crap

Me- Well, you're rhyming's pretty weak, just to let you know. I could do that easily AND put on a show

Krissie D Swag- Hey short Round, if you ain't gonna come around then how can a broth'a be found, it's not quite sound. And it ain't weak, it's just hard to speek

Me- Hey! Picking on my height isn't quite right unless you want to fight and go out like a light

Krissie D Swag- I ain't got a light, But if you wanna make it right I'll take you out tonight, Not with a fight Just sittin' under that moonlight

Me- Now that story, needs a twist, something exciting, that can't be missed

Krissie D Swag- It's you, the one being missed There's two, but only one being kissed. There were three, the other being tied to me I had four, but not no more.

Me- Don't use a double negative, it makes your point less effective and with the right perspective your objective will be much more decrotive

Krissie D Swag- I don't got the time though I'd rather be with the fam though Or cruzin' in my lambo

Me- What the actual fuck? You drive a fucking truck. Not a Lamborghini. For that you'd need a genie

Krissie D Swag- Hey! I ain't wrong, But i ain't always right. I ain't ever been strong, But i know how to fight. Yes i drive a truck, I don't give a fuck!

Me- On the topic of the truck, there's so much more to it, but if you don't care, then there's no point to it. So, my lips won't move, but I have so much to say, so I'll bite my tongue, and just walk away

Krissie D Swag- Don't walk away, That's what ya did yesterday! Is you scared Just a little impaired? You just can't handle this, It's just too much to miss.

Me- I can handle more than you know, It's just maybe better to go. It's just sometimes harder to stay, so I have turn away. And if didn't want me to go, and would have spoken up, I would have stayed behind, even though it may be tough.

Krissie D Swag- If you go it won't be the same, We can't keep the fame It's gotta end, Better now than then.

Me- If you think it's best, I'll ignore the rest. It's just not our turn, but we can surely learn. I won't ask you why, I'll just say goodbye

Krissie D Swag- Or you could stay Stay and we'll play. Just like we used to, All those places we cruzed to. All those late nights, Alll those gun fights. It was all fun When we were one.

Me- We had some great times, and everything was fine. But now I can't remember, anything past last September. It really hurts, but I can't tell what's worse. The fact that I don't know? Or that I can't bring myself to go?

Krissie D Swag- I'll come to you You'll forget this too. No one will know, Go where there's no snow. Where there's no troubles, No more thumbles.

Me- I can't just up and leave. I need some time to grieve. I have a life laid out ahead, that has no room for what you said. I may not be ready to move on, but I can start by being strong. There will ALWAYS be some trouble, but it may be much more subtle. So, I'll wish for snow, in hopes to make a home.

Krissie D Swag- If that's what must happen, then so let it be. I'll let you keep mapin' For what you must be. This has been fun. I enjoyed it a ton. But i too must be going, Now that it is snowing. I got to work tomorrow, at seven. And it's already passed eleven. Waking up will be interesting, But till then we'll be wondering. This is not farewell, Just a goodnight. I'll wait for you to tell, that of another night.

Me- Goodnight Krissie xD

Krissie D Swag- Goodnight Short Round.

                             ~So this is the silliest thing ever. But it's still hilarious.


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