I decided to write a book in a girls POV on what its like to have a crush/ be in love.... Hope y'all enjoy!! (:


1. Meet Sierra Walters

I don't think I properly introduced myself to you yet. My name is Sierra Walters and I am 18 years old. I go to Riverside High in Northern Michigan. I'm a senior this year and I graduate in May. I can't wait! I want to go study pre-med at the University of Michigan after I graduate. My dream is to become a womens doctor or a lawyer. I am the top of my class and have recieved a scolorship based on my achedemic records. I get straight A's and I was nominated to be a valadictorian of my graduating class of 2009. My best friend Vanessa St. Andrews is on the student council and she is running for president for our senior class. I volunteer as a nurse at the Riverside Medical Center in my town. This is the story of me, Sierra and my teen life and an inside scoop of my love life. I don't have a boyfriend yet but I'm sure I will meet a shy but very sexy doctor in my future. 

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