Guardian Angel (5SOS fanfic)

"Why Did I make this choice to be your guardian angel" I screamed at Michael
as he stood blankly at me with no expression then look like he was going say something and then he did "Because you love me Cam and I love you too" This was all a mistake. This story is about a girl named Cameron Aldiver who died in a car crash and became and angel who will protect someone.


1. Let's Go

Today I am getting my person all my angel friends have one! They say they have people that are in a band and one of them doesn't have one so I guess I can take him. But right now I am going to the Angel's Cafe to meet up with Beca, Madelyn,and Roxie. Beca has Red hair that goes right down to her shoulders she can play the drums because she has the drummer for her to protect so she can kinda get to know him and she is the oldest. Madelyn has curly blonde hair down to her back and she plays the bass and she is the guardian of the bass player. And Roxie has black hair with gray tips and plays Guitar(Lead).So those are my friends but as I am walking I felt someone jump on my back and I jumped and turned around and see Madelyn smiling. "Well I guess we caught up to you we have to go now" she said with a smile. "Fine let's head to the hall" I said throwing my hands in the air.   

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