Guardian Angel (5SOS fanfic)

"Why Did I make this choice to be your guardian angel" I screamed at Michael
as he stood blankly at me with no expression then look like he was going say something and then he did "Because you love me Cam and I love you too" This was all a mistake. This story is about a girl named Cameron Aldiver who died in a car crash and became and angel who will protect someone.


2. Getting Him

We got to the hall and it was huge the inside was bigger than a 16 wheeler basically I am overreacting but you know what I mean! We got to the front desk we saw I very old lady typing really fast on her computer. And I spoke up " Ahm" I said trying to get noticed "What do you need dear" She said sweetly " I need to get my person !" I said very exited jumping up and down as my long purplish blue hair did the same. "Calm down Cam" Beca said "sorry for her in patience" Beca said to the nice old lady I felt kind of bad about that but I am so exited! Then the old lady spoke up " Ummmm If you walk straight up the stairs you well enter the Guardian Hall but you have to go by yourself" She said very awkwardly I know I am going to mess something up. "Go on" Roxie said nudging me forward as I gulped hard. I as walked up the stairs slowly like in the movies. "let do this" I sighed I pushed the big door open and saw Goddess Sophia standing their waiting for me. I got there and she just smirk at me "Dearest Cameron you shall get your person today who shall it be?" Ummm I know this I wrote his name on my wrist as I inelegantly pulled up my sleeves and looked at my arm with the writing "Ummm I would like Michael Cl-Clifford please." I said nervously "your wish is my command." she said All I saw was white wings spurt out of my back. It was pretty weird that it didn't hurt at all. Then I just walked out of the Guardian Hall and ran to my friends as they smiled really big and madelyn held her arms out. As I ran into them she squeezed me really tight as everyone grouped hugged me This will be GREAT!   

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