Losing You Was Hard

Its been four months since the death of Lillian's best friend Danielle. She's miserable, just like Danielle's boyfriend Liam. They only have each other right now and things become better.


2. Chapter Two

(October 17th)

“What the hell are you doing in my sister’s bed? She’s off limits, dammit!” I open my eyes and I see my older brother standing in the middle of my room.

Nick is scary, he’s over six feet tall, he works out, so he’s muscular and looks so mean, if I were a guy, I would be scared shitless if I ever had an argument with him. Nick’s hair was flopping all over the place; he needs a haircut, badly.

“What the hell are you going on about?” I sit up and I rub my eyes, my vision turns to a blur and I blink my eyes a few times to get them focused.

“Why is he in your bed?” Nick points to Liam and I roll my eyes.

“Well maybe if you were here he would have been with you. I told him he could stay in my room for the night, nothing happened, I swear.” Nick rolls his eyes, of course he does not believe me, he has never believed me. I had sex with his best friend and he has hated me since then.


“Bible it then.” Oh my fucking God! Nickolas, you are a fucking pain in the ass!

“Bible.” I look at Nick and we stare at each other for a couple of moments and he nods his head.

“I guess you guys did not do anything. Liam, lets go, we are meeting Rachel and Becca at the diner.” I look at Liam and he shakes his head. Liam has not gotten over Danielle; he probably does not want to go out.

“Why Becca and Rachel? I hate them.” Liam sighs and gets out of my bed and that’s when I realized, Liam was in his boxers.

“Seriously?” I laugh and Liam sticks his tongue out at me and I smile. Liam is such a cutie, but I would never date him, he’s like a brother to me.

“Mom called, she wants us to know that her and Steven are going out of town for a week, Steven’s mom passed away last night and him and his sister need to clean the house and all the other crap they need to do when somebody dies.” Nate walks to my room and I nod my head.

Steven is my step dad; he and mom have been together for about two years now. He’s pretty cool, I would rather have him as my dad, but I guess I have to deal with the piece of shit I have.

“Sophia texted me and asked if she could come over and hangout with you, Lill, do you mind?” Nick stares at his phone for a moment and smiles.


“You’re sick!” Nate looks at the phone and rolls his eyes. “Only you would have nudes sent to you by a whore.” Nate shakes his head and walks out of my room.

“I need to get dressed, can you guys step out?” Nick and Liam walk out of my room and I get out of bed and I walk over to my closet.


I search for something to wear, I might just wear my leggings and a hoodie, it is autumn and it’s kind of chilly outside. I take off my clothes and I put my clean ones on. I take out my crimper and I let it heat up. I look at myself in the mirror and I begin to put my eyeliner and mascara on, then I begin to crimp my hair.


“You’re beautiful, Lillian.” I jump and I grab my chest. Sophia is standing at my door and she’s laughing. “Sorry! You should have seen your face! Nate, I mean Nick, no maybe it was Nate, which one was it? I can’t tell your brother’s apart from one another.” Sophia and I have been friends for about a year now and she is still confused on which one is Nate and which one is Nick.

“Nate has the short hair and Nick has the long hair. Nick has a scar under his eye and Nate does not.”  Maybe that will help her remember. I love it when she mixes them up, it’s hilarious!


“I think Nick is hot!” I kind of hate when she comes over, she always flirts with Nick and it is disgusting.


“You only like him because you guys send nudes to each other.” Sophia looks at me and her face starts to turn a light shade of red.

“He has told you that?” Newsflash, Sophia, Nick tells everybody!


“Soph, he has told a lot of people that, he has even showed them the pictures.” I’m pretty sure Nick is dating Rachel, not positive about that though.


“Did he show Liam?” Why the fuck does it matter? You’re a hoe that needs help!


“I have no idea.” That was a mini lie, I heard them talking about a nude, but I don’t know if it was Sophia or not.


“Do you think Liam will have sex with me?” Man, this bitch is crazy. I do not know how I am friends with her.


“No way!” It may seem that I have a crush on Liam, but I’m just making sure nobody hurts him. I don’t want him to hurt himself again.


“Wait, do you like Liam?” This is probably the hardest question ever.


“I think he is cute, but he is Nick’s best friend.” Sophia shakes her head and walks out of my room and slams the door.

“Hey, sis, are you okay?” Nate opens my door and walks in and I wrap my arms around his torso and I start crying. “Hey, why are you crying?” I shake my head and he grabs me by my shoulders and pushes me back a little and he tilts my head up, so that I am looking at him in the eyes.

“I think I like Liam.” Nate stands there for a moment and looks at me with confusion.


“You’re crying, because?” Should I tell him everything or should I keep it to myself? Should I even be telling him this? What if he tells Nick or Liam?


“He is Nick’s friend and I don’t want him to get mad at me again. I do not want the three of us to split. I do not know what I would do without the two of you.” Nate closes my door and he sits on my bed and I walk over to my bed and I sit next to him.


We usually do this when we have a lot to say. I just don’t know if I can tell him how I really feel about Liam. My phone starts to vibrate and I look at it and Liam’s name is on the caller ID. I answer the phone and I hear somebody crying, obviously Liam.

“Lill, can you come pick my up from Waffle Hut? I just can’t do this right now.”

“Yeah, I’ll be right there.”


“See you then, bye.”



I get in my car and I drive to the Waffle Hut. Roughly ten minutes later I pull up to the diner and I see Liam standing outside in the cold autumn air.


“Liam James, get your ass in the car!” Liam hurries to the car and he gets in the passengers seat.

“I have another question for you, Lillian.” I pull away from the diner and I look at Liam as soon as we stop at a red light.


“Yes?” I watch the traffic light swing in the wind, I wish it would change to green already, I just want to get home; I don’t like the cold weather.


“Have you ever liked me?” I slam on the brakes and I look at Liam and he is looking at me with a confused look.


“Yes, I like you.” I push my foot on the gas pedal and we start to move again.


I like Liam, but I know he is not over the death of his late girlfriend, Danielle. I know it will be a while until he is going to get over the fact that she is gone. I have known Liam for a while now and I am scared to see him in this much pain.


“Good, I like you too. I think I am ready to move on from Danielle. I just want to take it slow though.” Liam wants to move on from Danielle, I wonder what made him realize it was time to move on?


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