Losing You Was Hard

Its been four months since the death of Lillian's best friend Danielle. She's miserable, just like Danielle's boyfriend Liam. They only have each other right now and things become better.


4. Chapter Four

Lillie's POV
(Party time)

We arrive to the party and we were told that it is not a costume party. Obviously people did not get that memo. Some people were dressed up slutty and other people were dressed up scary. I see Becca and she has a mini skirt on and she looks great.

"Hey, guys!" Becca hugs Nathan, Liam, and Nickolas. Her and I just awkwardly smile at each other.

"Have you seen Soph?" Nick asks and she rolls her eyes and points to the house and Nick walks away. 

"So, Liam. I heard you and Soph were almost a thing." I look at Liam and I can tell he's frustrated. 

"No, I never had feelings for her. I have my mind occupied with someone else. She is just a slut and tells everybody lies." Liam takes my hand and we walk away.

"What was that about?" I ask with a low voice. Not going to lie, but Liam kind of scares me sometimes. 

"Nothing, baby girl." Liam lets go of my hand as soon as we walk into the house. 

I know it should not bother me, but it does. It is like he does not want to be seen with me. Is he hiding something from me? I shake my head and I walk over to the table and I get myself a drink. 

"Well hello, princess." I turn around and Kory is behind me. 

"What do you want?" He takes my drink away from me and pours it back into the bowl. 

"They put drugs into that and I'm just looking out for you." I smile and thank him. At least he cared about that. 

I feel my phone vibrate in my purse and I see a text from Liam. 

Liam: Baby, where are you?
Me: I'm in the backyard with Nathan and Manny.

I put my phone away and I see Liam come through the back door. Manny pulls me on his lap and I try to get up, but he has a tight grip. I look at Liam and he is pissed off. 

"Yo, dirtbag! Let her go or I'll kick your ass." Manny lets go of me and my brother looks at me. Nick and Nathan are protective over me, but Nick is the worst. Nathan can let somethings go, but Nickolas cannot.

"Just go home." We rode together, how the fuck am I suppose to go home?

"I cannot go home. I don't have my car." Nathan throws his keys at me and shoos me away.

Thank goodness he has a smaller car than Nick. I cannot drive his car at all. Liam follows me to the car and he takes the keys away from me. 

"What the fuck was that?" Liam raises his voice and me and I wince. 

"You left me alone. I could have avoided all of that if you were with me." Liam starts the car and speeds away. 

"How much did you drink?" Liam pulls into the driveway and turns off the car and looks at me.

"I did not drink anything. Kory took my drink away from me before I could take a sip." Liam unlocks the car and we both get out and head towards the front door. 

"So, you had fun with Kory?" Liam unlocks the front door and we take off our shoes and walk into the living room.

"I did not do anything. I don't know why you're getting so jealous. You were the one who left me. You let go of my hand. What? Am I not good enough for you? Are you embarrassed to be seen with me?" I run up the stairs and I slam my bedroom door and I lock it. 

I hear Liam coming up the stairs and he knocks on my door. I ignore him and I get changed. I need to put comfortable clothes on. Liam is knocking louder on my door and I roll my eyes and I unlock it. 

"Do you really think I'm embarrassed to be seen with you?" Liam steps closer to me. 

"Yes." Liam comes closer and grabs my face with both hands. He bites his lip and then presses his lips against mine. He leans forward and he's now laying on top of me. The kisses become sloppy and I can feel him against me. 

"You do not understand how much I want you, baby girl," Liam says in between the kisses. "You have to be careful or I will fuck you." 

I start biting and sucking on his neck and he's panting. He bites my ear and then we hear a door slam shut downstairs. 

"Liam! Lillian! Are you guys here?" I hear Nickolas yelling downstairs and Liam hurries and gets off of me and quietly shuts the door and  locks it. 

"You are so sexy, baby," Liam kisses my lips and I smile. That's the most him and I have ever done together. I tilt Liam's head to the side and I can see the hickeys I left on his neck. 

I run my fingers over them and I smile. I marked my territory and if anybody comes close to him, I will beat their ass. 

"I'm yours, baby girl. You do not have to worry about anything." Liam throws the blankets over us and we lay there together.

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