Doctor Who Series 10

After The Death Of Clara Oswald The Doctor Is Mourning .
The Doctor However Soon Finds Himself Rushed Into New Adventure s New And Old Friends.
Also Stars My New Assistant Chloe Henshall Who I Made Up And Had Her Played By Holly Earl Yes I Know She Was In Doctor Who Before But This Character Has Nothing To With Her


1. The Soul Concert Episode 1

The Doctor Is Pacing Back And Forth Past The Tardis Console.
His Thought s Are Out Of Control And Every Day Feels Like And Struggle.
Its Been A Year Since The Doctor Lost His Impossible Girl Clara Oswald And The Doctor Remember s It Like It Was Yesterday.
Her Death Really Affected Him In A Bad Way.
People Leave Me Always Says The Doctor To Himself .
Unit Soilders Approach The Tardis .
Tardis Secured Says A Unit Soilder .
Kate Stewart Lands In A Helicopter And Knocks On The Tardis Door.
The Doctor Opens The Tardis Door s Angrily And Steps Out .
What! Says The Doctor .
We Need Your Help Replies Kate .
No! Says The Doctor.
Doctor Protest s Kate.
I Said No! Replies The Doctor Angrily.
Doctor I Understand Your Loss Replies Kate But You Will Help Us .
I Will Not Says The Doctor.
Suddenly A Dart Gun Is Shot In To The Doctor s Back .
The Doctor Wake s Up At The Tower Of London In A Large Red Room.
I'm Sorry Doctor Kate Says. 
You Shot Me Groans The Doctor.
I Had To Replies Kate We Need Your Help.
Couldn't You Just Ask Replies The Doctor Struggling To Get Up.
I Did Replies Kate .
OK I See Ur Point Says The Doctor.
Will You Help Asks Kate .
I Don't Really Have A Choice Replies The Doctor .
Where s Osgood Says The Doctor .
She Left She Working For Torchwood Now Replies Kate.
Oh Replies The Doctor.
Come With Me Doctor Says Kate Helping The Doctor Up.
This Is Tina Says Kate Introducing The Doctor To A Tall Woman.
I Said I Would Help You I Didn't Say I Would Make Small Talk Says The Doctor.
Okay Doctor Says Kate.
Tina Cuts In Reports Of People Soul s Being Taken Have Been Going Around For Days .
Souls How Asks The Doctor .
We Don't Know All We Know Is It Happens At A Rock Concert Everytime Replies Kate.
Interesting Replies The Doctor .
See You've Missed This Havnt You Doctor Says Tina .
The Doctor Ignore s Her But Gives A Smile He Just Can't Help It .
Its Time I Saw For Myself He Says .
I Think That s A Good Idea Replies Kate.
Kate Would You Care To Go To A Concert With Me Asks The Doctor .
I Thought You Would Never Ask Says Kate.
The Doctor And Kate Arive At The Concert Wich Very Busy.
The Concert Begins And Group Of Bald Female Singers Start Singing .
The Song Carry s On For What Seems Like Ages And Slowly One By One People Start To Follow Asleep.
Put This On Says The Doctor Handing Kate A Necklace .
Kate Puts It On What Does It Do She Asks.
Stop s You Falling Asleep And Protects You From The Music Replies The Doctor.
You Think Of Everything Replies Kate Don't You Doctor .
The Doctor Freeze s In Shock .
Doctor What's Wrong Replies Kate Seeing The Doctor Staring A Blond Girl .
Its Her From My Dream Shona Replies The Doctor .
The Singing Stops And The Doctor Looks At The Singers .
Oh No He Says 
Doctor What Is Asks Kate .
The Doctor Puts On His Sonic Shade s And Scans The Singers.
Oh No He Says Again .
What Doctor Replies Kate.
There Sirens Replies The Doctor Looking Right At The Stage .
Doctor There Something Else Replies Kate .
What Says The Doctor .
Shona Is Danger Replies Kate Pointing To Shona Walking In A Trance Towards The Singers.
Oh Yeah Says The Doctor Running Towards The Stage And Shoving The Siren s Out Of The Way.
The Siren Shriek At The Top Of There Voices .
Shona Run Says The Doctor Grabbing Shona s Hand . 
The Doctor Grabs Kate's Hand To With His Other Hand .
The Doctor Kate And Shona Run Out The Room As Fast As They Can.
Stop Yells Shona When They Are In The Managers Office.
There Sirens Says The Doctor .
I Don't Care About That How Come Your In My Dreams And You Know My Name Replies Shona.
Well Err Replies The Doctor .
Tell Me Replies Shona .
Not Now Replies The Doctor.
Why Ask s Shona .
Cause I'm The Doctor And I'm Gonna Stop The Sirens Replies The Doctor .
Is That Supposed To Impress Me Asks Shona.
Shush Says The Doctor .
The Doctor Picks Up A Guitar And Scans It With His Sonic Shade s .
This Should Work He Says .
What Should Asks Kate .
I Recorded The Siren s Singing And I'm Gonna Play It Back To Them On This.
Will That Kill Then Ask s Shona.
I Hope So Replies The Doctor . 
Kate Look After Shona Says The Doctor.
The Doctor Leaves The Office And Runs Toward s The Concert Hall.
He Fire s Up His Guitar And Start s Playing The Sirens Song.
The Siren Start Screaming And Holding Thier Heads In Pain.
The Doctor Plays Louder And Louder Causing The Siren To Turn Into Goo.
Slowly And Slowly People Start Waking Up .
What Happened Ask s A Old Man .
You Just Fell Asleep I'm The Doctor And I Was Here To Help Answers The Doctor.
Two Hours Later The Doctor And Shona Are Standing Outside The Tardis When Big Ben Strike s 12am.
Shona Had Been Listening To The Doctor Filling Her In On How She Dreams About Him.
Can I Travel With You Asks Shona .
I Don't Know Replies The Doctor .
Why Asks Shona .
Do U Remember Clara From The Dream Replies The Doctor .
Yes Replies Shona .
She Died Replies The Doctor .
I'm Sorry Replies Shona.
Its Always The Same Replies The Doctor.
Please Can I Travel With You Give Me A Chance Says Shona.
You Won't Give Up Will You Asks The Doctor.
No Says Shona.
Oh All Right Then Get In The Tardis Replies The Doctor .
Shona Walks Inside The Tardis And The Doctor Walks In After Her And Closes The Door s


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