Doctor Who Series 10

After The Death Of Clara Oswald The Doctor Is Mourning .
The Doctor However Soon Finds Himself Rushed Into New Adventure s New And Old Friends.
Also Stars My New Assistant Chloe Henshall Who I Made Up And Had Her Played By Holly Earl Yes I Know She Was In Doctor Who Before But This Character Has Nothing To With Her


3. The Death Lotto Episode 3

There Was A Knock On Ashildr s Front Door And She Goes To Answer It.
Hello Ashildr Says The Doctor Who Is Standing There .
Hi Doctor Replies Ashildr.
Can I Come In Ask s The Doctor .
Sure Replies Ashildr Stepping Aside .
Once Inside Ashildr Asks The Doctor If He Wants A Cuppa .
Can I Have A Whiskey Asks The Doctor .
Sure Replies Ashildr .
She Hands The Doctor A Glass Of Whiskey.
Thanks Says The Doctor Taking The Glass.
Is There A Reason Your Here Asks Ashildr.
Can't I Just Vist A Old Friend Now And Again Says The Doctor Hurt.
I'm Sorry Replies Ashildr.
It's Fine Says The Doctor .
I Do Have A Reason For Being Here Replies The Doctor .
I Knew It Replies Ashildr.
Do U Fancy A Trip Asks The Doctor .
You Lonely Or Something Ask s Ashildr.
Yes Replies The Doctor Sadly.
I'll Come With You Doctor Replies Ashildr.
Good Let's Go Says The Doctor Grabbing Ashildr s Hand .
The Two Of Them Walk Into The Tardis and Set Off For A Adventure.
So I Havnt Seen You For A While Says The Doctor 
No Replies Ashildr.
I See You Using The Name Ashildr Now Replies The Doctor.
Yeah Me Didn't Seem Right Not After You Forgave Me Replies Ashildr.
Yes Replies The Doctor 
Thank You Says Ashildr.
You Get This Chance Not Another Says The Doctor .
I Know Doctor You Saved Me From That Life Says Ashildr.
The Doctor Starts Fiddling With The Tardis Console.
Whatcha Doing Says Ashildr.
Nothing Replies The Doctor .
Oh Replies Ashildr Pouting.
Don't Do That Says The Doctor .
Sorry Pouts Ashildr.
Stop It Yells The Doctor .
Ashildr Look s At The Doctor With Sad Eyes.
I'm Sorry Ashildr Says .
Oh Don't Start Crying Your Better Than That Says The Doctor.
I'm Said I'm Sorry Says Ashildr.
Youve Changed Says The Doctor .
You Helped Me Change Says Ashildr.
You've Become Weak Says The Doctor .
I'm Not Weak Your Being Mean Replies Ashildr.
Where s The Fight Its All Gone Says The Doctor.
Doctor You Wanted Me To Change I Did Replies Ashildr.
Get Out My Tardis Yells The Doctor.
What Why What Have I Done Replies Ashildr Crying .
Stop It Snaps The Doctor .
I Havnt Done Nothing Sobs Ashildr .
You Killed Clara Snaps The Doctor .
You Forgave Me I Changed For You Says Ashildr .
You Think I Forgave You Snaps The Doctor .
Im Not The Same I'm Better Now Says Ashildr .
You Killed Clara And Now Have Become A Coward Snaps The Doctor.
So Why Vist Me Says Ashildr.
I Don't Know Replies The Doctor .
Was It Just To Humiliate Or Reduce Me To Nothing Says Ashildr.
Mabye It Was Replies The Doctor .
Well Congrats You Done It I'm Broken Snaps Ashildr.
There s That Fight Says The Doctor .
You Meany You Were Testing Me Replies Ashildr .
I Had To See If You Still Have The Guts For This Replies The Doctor.
You Can Be Horrid Sometimes Replies Ashildr.
Oh Come Here Says The Doctor Wrapping Ashildr In Big Hug.
The Doctor Wipes Ashildr s Tears Away .
I Love You Doctor Sniff s Ashildr.
Oh Replies The Doctor.
No Not Like That Silly Replies Ashildr.
How Then Asks The Doctor.
Your Like A Dad Replies Ashildr .
Thank You Replies The Doctor .
Its OK Dad Replies Ashildr 
I Actually Like That Replies The Doctor .
Come On Dad You Promised Me A Adventure Replies Ashildr .
Ashildr Grabs The Doctor s Hand And Drags Him Out The Tardis .
Where Are We Asks Ashildr .
Cardiff 2016 Replies The Doctor .
Why Cardiff Asks Ashildr.
There s A Lottery Going On In The Year 2016 Replies The Doctor .
A Lottery What's So Special About A Lottery Says Ashildr.
Its Said That The People Who Win The Lottery All Become Dead Replies The Doctor.
Dead Says Ashildr.
There Calling It The Death Lotto Replies The Doctor .
Interesting Replies Ashildr. 
Just Then They Hear A Blood Curdling Scream .
What Was That Ask s Ashildr.
A Scream Replies The Doctor .
Yeah But What Happened Replies Ashildr.
I Don't Know Let's Find Out Replies The Doctor .
Ashildr Grabs The Doctor s Hand And They Run Together.
There On The Ground Is A Old Man Lying There .
Out Of The Way Doctor John Smith The Doctor Calls Out .
He s Dead Replies The Doctor .
The Doctor And Ashildr Are Sitting In The Old Man s Living Room With The Old Man s Friend .
Did Anything Strange Happen Ask s The Doctor .
He Had Just Won The Lottery Replies The Man s Friend .
How Many Other People Won The Lottery Recently Ask s Ashildr.
20 Maybe 40 Replies The Man s Friend .
Interesting Replies The Doctor .
Creepy More Like Says Ashildr.
Indeed Replies The Man s Friend .
What's Ur Name Asks Ashildr.
Peter Replies The Man .
What Was Ur Friend Called Asks The Doctor .
Jack Replies Peter .
So Everyone Who Wins The Lottery End s Up Dead Says The Doctor .
Pretty Much Replies Peter .
Are You Two A Item Asks Peter
God No Reply The Doctor And Ashildr Together.
He s My Dad Replies Ashildr.
Well Like My Dad Says Ashildr.
How Did Your Friend Die Asks The Doctor .
Heart Attack Replies Peter .
I'm Sorry Replies The Doctor 
Can You Help Asks Peter .
We Will Try Our Best Replies The Doctor .
Thanks Says Peter .
Right What's First Asks Ashildr.
Meet Some Of The Locals Replies The Doctor .
Let's Split Up Suggest s Peter.
Ashildr You Go With Peter Replies The Doctor.
Yes Dad Says Ashildr Mockingly.
The Doctor Wanders Round Cardiff Looking For Clues When He Come s Across A Lottery Ticket Lying On The Ground .
The Doctor Picks It Up And Pockets It .
Could Be Helpfull He Says To Himself .
Meanwhile Ashildr And Peter Are Charting To A Woman About The Death s .
The Doctor Pulls Out The Lottery Ticket And Reads It It Belonged To Jack His Name Was On The Back.
Interesting Mutters The Doctor .
Ashildr And Peter Come Across A Large Graveyard With A Shadow Lurking In Among The Graves.
Run Says Ashildr Its A Zygon .
The Zygon Spots Them And Comes Towards Them .
Someone Grabs Ashildr s Hand And Tells Her Go Run .
Ashildr And Peter Run As Fast They Can So Does The Person Who Grabbed Ashildr s Hand .
Once Away From The Graveyard They Stopped Running When They Reach A Old Office Block.
In Here Says The Stranger .
The Three Of Them Go Inside The Office Block And Barricade The Door.
Who Are You Asks Ashildr.
River Replies The Stranger.
The Doctor s Wife Says Ashildr.
The Very One Replies River .
I'm Ashildr Replies Ashildr .
I Know All About You Replies River .
Oh Gulps Ashildr.
Don't Worry Sweetie I Come In Peace Replies River.
So Your The Famous Ashildr Says River.
Yes Replies Ashildr Panicky.
Outside They Here Footsteps And Two Zygons Approach The Door .
The Doctor Hits The Zygons On The Head With A Lead Pipe And They Fall To The Ground .
The Doctor Unlocks The Office Door And Ashildr Hugs The Doctor .
Can U Get Off My Husband Please Says River.
River Exclaims The Doctor.
Hello Sweetie Replies River.
River Snogs The Doctor On The Lips .
The Doctor Tries To Regain His Composure .
Im Not Gonna Do That As Well Doctor Peter Says .
The Doctor Laughs .
So Zygons Says River .
Yeah They Must Be Behind The Death Lotto Replies The Doctor.
So Let's Go Find Them Replies River .
Ashildr You Take Peter Home I Will Pick You Up Later Says The Doctor.
OK Doctor Replies Ashildr.
What On Earth Have You Got On Ur Face Ask s River .
Sonic Shade s Replies The Doctor .
Your Kidding Replies River.
No Replies The Doctor .
The Doctor Clicks His Sonic Shade s To Bring The Tardis To Them .
The Tardis Appears In Front Of Them .
Once Inside The Tardis The Doctor Does A Scan For The Zygon Spaceship .
So You Forgave Ashildr Says River.
Yes Replies The Doctor.
Is That Wise Replies River .
Shes Changed Replies The Doctor .
She Killed Clara River Says.
Shes Not That Same Person Replies The Doctor .
Can U Be Sure Asks River .
I Tested Her She Is Sorry Replies The Doctor.
You Should Leave Her Behind Replies River.
I Can't Do That Exclaims The Doctor .
It's Your Choice Doctor Replies River.
Suddenly The Tardis Console Beeps .
Zygon Ship Asks River .
Yep Found It Replies The Doctor .
The Doctor And River Step s Out Of The Tardis On To The Zygon Ship.
Doctor Hisses A Zygon Behind Them .
Oh Hello Sexy Says The Doctor .
Stop It Says River .
Couldnt Resist Replies The Doctor .
The Zygon Leads The Doctor To The Control Room.
Who s In Charge Asks The Doctor .
I Am Hisses A Zygon .
So Why A Lottery Asks The Doctor .
It Got Your Attention Replies The Leader Of The Zygons .
I Hate When Folk Do That Replies The Doctor 
Do U Think Ashildr Did This Replies River.
I Don't Know Replies The Doctor .
It's Her Style Replies River.
Tell Me Is Ashildr Part Of Your Plan Asks The Doctor .
Who Is Ashildr Hisses The Zygon .
Guess Not Then Replies The Doctor .
Kill Them Replies The Leader Of The Zygons .
River Pulls Out Her Gun And Shoots The Zygon s Console .
What Did U Do Hisses The Leader Of The Zygon s .
Doctor Run Shout s River And They Run To The Tardis .
Once Away From The Zygon Ship The Doctor And River Watch From The Tardis As The Ship Explodes.
The Doctor s Phone Rings And Ashildr s Name Come s Up .
Who Is It Asks River .
Noone Replies The Doctor Pressing End Call And Deleting Ashildr s Number Too.
Two Hours Later The Doctor And River Are In Glasgow Sipping Coffee In A Cafe .
So River What Now Asks The Doctor .
I Think I Might Stick Around Here For A Bit Answers River.
In This Cafe Asks The Doctor .
No Sweetie Glasgow Replies River .
After The Doctor And River Have Finshed Coffee The Doctor And River Say There Goodbyes.
The Doctor Walk s To His Tardis And Goes Inside .
Inside The Tardis The Doctor s Phone Rings And He Answers It Who Is It He Says .
It's Ashildr Doctor Are You Coming Back Says Ashildr.
The Doctor Hangs Up The Phone .
The Phone Rings Again And The Doctor Answers It Saying Ashildr Leave Me Alone .
Doctor Its Shona Says A Voice I Need Your Help

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