Doctor Who Series 10

After The Death Of Clara Oswald The Doctor Is Mourning .
The Doctor However Soon Finds Himself Rushed Into New Adventure s New And Old Friends.
Also Stars My New Assistant Chloe Henshall Who I Made Up And Had Her Played By Holly Earl Yes I Know She Was In Doctor Who Before But This Character Has Nothing To With Her


4. Ghosts Episode 4

Doctor I'm So Pleased To See You Says Shona Hugging The Doctor.
So Did U Miss Me Ask s Shona.
Of Course Replies The Doctor .
I Think There Are Ghost s Here In The College Says Shona .
Oooo Ghosts Says The Doctor.
We The Ghostbusters Says Shona Laughing .
Yeah Laughs The Doctor.
So What s First Asks Shona .
Tonight We Go Ghost Hunting Replies The Doctor .
So Who s Ashildr Asks Shona.
Who Asks The Doctor.
You Thought I Was Ashildr Replies Shona .
Oh Noone Replies The Doctor.
OK I Got To Get To Class Replies Shona I'll Meet You At Tardis At 6pm .
OK Replies The Doctor .
Shona Heads Off To Class And The Doctor Walk s Back To The Tardis .
The Doctor Starts Reading A Book Every Now And Then Glancing At His Watch.
Two Hours Pass And The Mutters Damm Two Hours To Go Then Gets Back To His Book.
Two More Hours Pass And Then There s A Knock At The Tardis Door.
The Doctor Puts Down His Book And Goes To The Door.
Hia Doctor Says Shona Leaning On The Tardis Door.
Shona Come In Says The Doctor .
Shona Goes Inside The Tardis And The Doctor Runs From One Room To Another .
Doctor Slow Down You'll Have A Heart Attack Shouts Shona .
I've Got Two The Doctor Shouts Back.
Oh Doctor You Always Make Me Laugh Shona Shouts Back.
I Know Shouts The Doctor .
The Doctor Returns To The Console Room With A Box Full Of Stuff.
What's All That Crap Asks Shona.
Oi Its Not Crap Snaps The Doctor.
Sorry Replies Shona.
So What Is It She Asks .
Ghost Detectors And Stuff .Replies The Doctor .
Let's Get Thoose Ghost s Says Shona.
The Doctor And Shona Walk To Shona s College And The Doctor Uses His Sonic Shades To Unlock The Door.
Cool Mutters Shona .
You Wanna Try Them Asks The Doctor .
God Yeah Exclaims Shona .
The Doctor Hand s Shona The Sonic Shades.
Here There Your s Says The Doctor .
But What Are You Gonna Use Asks Shona.
This Replys The Doctor Pulling Out A Purple Sonic Screwdriver.
Awesome Replys Shona.
Yeah I Like It It Goes With My Coat Replies The Doctor .
Yeah Sure Does Replies Shona .
The Doctor And Shona Turn On The Ghost Detectors .
The Doctor Also Scans Around The Room With His Brand New Sonic Screwdriver.
Shona Scans Round The Room With Her Sonic Shades .
Your Good At This Says The Doctor .
All Thanks To You Replies Shona.
The Doctor Puts His Sonic Screwdriver Away In His Jacket Pocket.
Shush Says The Doctor Tapping Shona s Arm.
Shona Pockets The Sonic Shade s .
Sorry She Says .
The Doctor And Shona Spot Some Shimmering Object s In Front Of Them .
Doctor What Are They Ask s Shona .
There Orbs Shona Replies The Doctor .
Oh Right Replies Shona.
There Not Attacking Says Shona.
They Won't Says The Doctor .
So How Long You Been Traveling Asks Shona.
Ages Replies The Doctor .
Cool Replies Shona.

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