Doctor Who Series 10

After The Death Of Clara Oswald The Doctor Is Mourning .
The Doctor However Soon Finds Himself Rushed Into New Adventure s New And Old Friends.
Also Stars My New Assistant Chloe Henshall Who I Made Up And Had Her Played By Holly Earl Yes I Know She Was In Doctor Who Before But This Character Has Nothing To With Her


2. Alien Flamingos Episode 2

Where Are We Going Doctor Asks Shona.
Where Ever You Like Replies The Doctor.
I Don't Know Replies Shona.
Shall I Pick Asks The Doctor.
Yes Says Shona .
The Doctor Fire s Up His Tardis And Off They Set.
The Tardis Lands With A Bump And The Doctor And Shona Come Out Of It.
Where Are We Asks Shona .
Planet Of The Flamingo Replies The Doctor .
The What Asks Shona.
You Heard Replies The Doctor.
Shona Smiles At The Doctor And Grabs His Hand .
Come On Then Let's Explore Says Shona Leading The Doctor By The Hand .
The Doctor And Shona Arive A Large Cottage Made Out Of Wood .
The Doctor Knocks On The Door And A Woman Who Is Half Human Half Flamingo Opens The Door.
Can I Help You She Hisses.
Sorry We Didn't Mean To Make You Angry Says Shona.
She s Not Angry Replies The Doctor Its How She Talks.
Oh Im Sorry Replies Shona.
Are You Here For The Tour Replies The Creature.
Yes We Are Replies The Doctor .
Follow Me Replies The Creature.
The Doctor And Shona Follow The Creature To A Large Warehouse Where Many Other Creature s Are Hard At Work.
Sign In Says The Creature .
The Doctor And Shona See A Large Book Appear In Front Of Them And They Sign It.
Welcome To The Work Centre Replies The Creature.
Pleased To Be Here Says The Doctor.
Yeah Replies Shona Grinning.
Please Explore Replies The Creature.
We Will Replies The Doctor.
The Doctor And Shona Walk Round The Massive Warehouse Exploring Everything They See.
Excuse Me Says A Voice Behind Them .
Yes Replies The Doctor Turning Round .
Standing There Is A Small Half Human Half Flamingo Boy .
Can You Help Me Asks The Boy Creature.
I'm The Doctor And This Is Shona And We Can Try Replies The Doctor.
What's Your Name Asks Shona.
I'm Celex Replies The Creature.
How Can We Help Asks Shona .
My Dad Gone Missing They Say The Crabs Have Taken Him Replies Celex.
Crabs Replies The Doctor.
Yes Big Crabs That Live Under The Ground Replies Celex .
Show Me Replies The Doctor .
Celex Leads The Doctor And Shona To A Large Underground Tunnel .
The Doctor Looks Down Under The Deep Tunnel And See s The Giant Crabs .
They Are Crabs Replies Shona.
Macra!! Exclaims The Doctor .
What Asks Shona.
There Macra Replies The Doctor.
What Are Macra Asks Shona .
They Are Evil Replies The Doctor.
Evil Crabs Says Shona Giggling .
Is Something Funny Says The Doctor.
No Sorry Replies Shona .
That's My Dad Says Celex Looking Down Towards The Crabs.
We Have To Help Him Doctor Says Shona.
We Will Replies The Doctor.
The Doctor Tells Shona And Celex To Wait While He Gets Something From The Tardis .
The Doctor Come s Running Back A Few Mins Later With Lazer Pen And A Large Rope .
The Doctor Tosses Shona The Lazer Pen Which She Catch s.
Use This To Distract Them He Says .
Shona Turns The Lazer Pen On And Says What Are You Gonna Do .
This Says The Doctor Tossing Celex The Rope .
Celex Catchs The Rope And Ties It On To The Edge Of The Tunnel .
The Doctor Ties The Rest Of The Rope Round Himself .
The Doctor Jumps Down Into The Dark Depths Below .
Shona Aims The Lazer Pen At The Macra Below Giving The Doctor And A Chance To Find Celex s Father.
The Crabs Starts Nipping At The Doctor s Feet Angrily .
Ow That Hurt s Says The Doctor .
Suddenly The Rope Snaps And The Doctor Falls .
Doctor Shout s Shona .
The Doctor Land s In A Heap On The Ground Below .
Ow He Winces As He Get s Up .
The Doctor Has A Cut Lip And A Cut Eye From The Fall.
The Macra Start Snapping At Him And The Doctor Tries To Kick Them Away But Just Cause Him More Pain.
We Have To Help The Doctor Shona Says To Celex .
How Replies Celex .
I Don't Know I'm New At This Replies Shona.
Deep Down The Macra Are Closing In On The Doctor .
The Doctor Puts On His Sonic Shade s And Presses Them Aiming Them At The Macra.
A Lazer Shoot s Out Both s Side s And Hit s Three Of The Macra.
The Marca Hisses Angrily .
No That's Just Annoyed Them More Says The Doctor Thinking Aloud .
Help Me Says A Weak Voice .
The Doctor Looks Around And See s A Creature There On The Ground .
You Must Be Celex s Dad Replies The Doctor .
Yes Replies The Creature Weakly .
I'm The Doctor Says The Doctor .
Where s My Son Whispers The Creature .
He's Safe Replies The Doctor .
Good Whispers The Creature .
I've Come To Rescue You Replies The Doctor.
That's Not Going Well Replies The Creature.
No It's Not Laughs The Doctor .
The Creature And The Doctor Both Start Laughing.
What s Ur Name Ask The Doctor. 
I'm Felex Replies The Creature.
Good Name Replies The Doctor.
Thanks Answers Felex.
Shona What Are We Going To Do Ask s Celex Hissing .
I Have A Idea Replies Shona .
Shona And Celex Run To The Tardis And Go Inside.
It's Your Lucky Day The Doctor Taught Me To Fly The Tardis Yesterday Says Shona.
Shona Fires Up The Tardis And The Tardis Vanish s .
What Are We Going To Do Ask s Felex To The Doctor. 
I Don't Know Replies The Doctor .
Suddenly The Doctor Heres A Noise That Sound s Familiar.
The Tardis Appear s Out Of Nowhere And Crash s In To The Macra Sending Them Flying .
Out Steps Shona And Celex .
Oh My Impossible Girl Mutters The Doctor By Mistake Expecting To See Clara Stepping Out. 
Who Asks Shona .
Never Mind Says The Doctor Quickly.
Who Asks Shona 
Dad Scream s Celex Hugging His Dad .
Son Says Felex Hugging Him Back .
Let's Get Out Of Here Says Shona .
Later After Dropping Off Celex And Felex Back Home The Doctor And Shona Are Sipping Tea In Shona s House .
So Where Next Asks The Doctor .
Nowhere Answer s Shona.
Why Asks The Doctor .
I've Got College Answers Shona .
Oh All Right Says The Doctor Sadly.
Here Says Shona Writing Down Something On A Piece Of Paper .
What s This Asks The Doctor .
My Phone Number Call Me If You Need Me Replies Shona .
You Do Know I Have A Time Machine Replies The Doctor.
I Know But College Has To Come First Replies Shona .
I Understand Says The Doctor Trying To Hide His Sadness.
Later On Shona Watchs As The Doctor Fly s Off In His Tardis .
Her Phone Starts To Ring And Shona Answers It Hi Dad She Says No Nothing New Happening Same Old Stuff Love You Dad .

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