This is Me

Me so read or you wont understand who or what i am


8. Stupid Brothers

So only way i can be online when im at home is on my brothers chromebook and mine HAS to stay at school cause my mom is suck well ya know a meany lol sorry i dont swear on screan but i do in person or in video chats aka get and then look at my bio and we can talk there if ya want anytime :) but back to my story i got home last night watched tv for a will my dad walks in and says my brothers in trouble i look at my brother with a smirk then he says HOW DID YOU BRAKE YOUR CHROMEBOOK WE HAVE TO PAY $40 NOW ..... WHAT i said in my head i looked at him with a mad face than say how did you brake it you cant of just DROPED it everybody drops then everyday and nobody broke them yet (aka he has anger problems idk why) so i told him i dont think you just broke it...

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