This is Me

Me so read or you wont understand who or what i am


15. I found my path

so last night i asked my babygirl if i asked to be your again she said yes why and well i gave her a hint that because i want to be hers again she said yes and i was  hers once again.... i love her and yes i love other people but shes all i ever really loved my whole life... ok not whole but shes like the only person who knows me she even knows me more then my sis aka best friend... she understands me she gets me and when i need her shes there she loves me and i love her kitten and dinosaur is one again

this is $50 and im getting it for last thursday i dont have the money but im getting it for her its post to be our one month so im going to change it was something else but i like this one more and now i have to find a christmas present hope i find one and she wont know intill i actaully buy that one idk if she sees this one but im not telling her the next one if you want to know email me and i can tell you i dont trust her she might snuop my movellas to find her christmas present and its a suprise

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