This is Me

Me so read or you wont understand who or what i am


2. Fun Facts...

I like to skateboard... Love to act like im some gangster chick with the hot moves lol you know just to see if the guys will shut up and like me for me yes i like looking like some gangster chick... I love to were sweet looking shoes and like wearing my jeans like the gangster way LOL omg I'm lam but ok so were was I oh yeah hmm.... lets see I like to be life of the party but Im sorta going throw this depressing stage in my life were i dont want to eat and i have the earge to cut im trying harder to not cut but i cant take the not eating im actually not eating for 24 hours and maybe longer idk yet but starting today im only going to not eat for 24 hours home its works today is lol 12-3 ugh already snowed and people are now playing christmas music kill me now... lol oh well... I'll deal with it i guess i just want to be at my friends house and hang with her alot.... so thats all for now ttyl babes <3 i say that alot lol

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