Losing my heart and soul to a demon

Depression sucks... I live throw it... Think its fun well then your up for a treat... I have cuts on my arms... People make fun of me alllll the time... and i deal with horable ass parents... Live me dare you


4. Its not ok

People ask if im ok i say yeah but really im not i nod my head i make it like everythings ok but really the demon is inside and it hates me its eating my soul its eating my heart. I hate it I need help. But I hate getting help i hate having help from people i dont know from people i know nothing about i hate it hate it i say. But theres one person i trust more than anything or anybody. I hope.... I wish it would work and help i need help trust me it hurts inside to let others help and all i hate having help but i trust her i trust her to much... I hate help but her help means more than anything to me....

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