•Memories• (L.H. fan fiction)


1. Chapter 1

Me and Luke have been friends since we were 7 years old. Me and my family moved to Sydney in Australia when I was 6 years old. We lived in (Your Country💕) before we moved, by the way. Now I'm 17 and my best friends (and my only friends) are touring with One Direction. I miss them. I miss Luke.

But they're coming home in 2 weeks!! How exciting 😄. When me and my family moved to Sydney I had no friends. But then the Hemmings came to 'Welcome us to the neighbour hood!' Mrs. Hemmings, or Liz Hemmings, and my mom became best friends after that. Liz had 3 sons. The oldest one is Ben Hemmings. I was always afraid of him. I don't know why. But he's really sweet though. The middle child is Jack Hemmings. He's VERY outgoing. He was alway really popular at school. Then the youngest child, Luke Hemmings. He was really shy. He didn't really talk much until we became close. Me and Luke were at the same age when we met.

After about 1 year, me and Luke were like best best best best BEST friends. We had these cute sleep-overs, where we told each other ghost stories and sometimes we got so scared we couldn't even sleep.

Calum's ex, Maddy, and I were close friends but she stopped talking to me when they broke up. I have no idea why though. When Luke was 14, he started dating Alisha. I got jealous at her. I know I shouldn't have been, but I couldn't control it. But when they broke up, I felt really bad for being jealous. Luke was completely broken. He cried for like 4 days.

I've had a crush on Luke for 4 years now. I cried alot on the airport when they were leaving for tour. I don't think Luke likes me back.

I'm Y/N by the way.

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